Anti-Aging Potential Discovered In Krill

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The team behind the study reported that supplementation of the powder – which contains a mixture of oil and protein from Antarctic krill modified the pathways of several metabolic processes – showing that glucose metabolism and the degradation of lipids and amino acids were down-regulated while energy metabolism was up-regulated.

Led by Dr Bodil Bjorndal from the University of Bergen, Norway, the team suggested that dietary supplementation with the krill-based formulation may have the potential to prevent age-related declines in weight and energy due to the preservation of amino acids in combination with increased energy production.

“The findings of this study support further investigation into whether a lipid and protein combination product can have additional benefits over omega-3 supplementation alone; in particular, if a krill powder diet vs. a krill oil diet has an added effect on pathways involved in protein metabolism,” said Bjorndal.


Krill harvesting is one of the most ecologically-friendly on the planet. Antarctic krill has been harvested for 47 years, starting in 1961, with a historical peak harvest of just under 529,000 tons for the 1981/82 season.

The mean annual catch rate from 2002 to 2007 was less than 120,000 tons a year.

Krill oil and powder suppliers are now available worldwide and since quality may vary, it is always imperative to research the company you are purchasing from, their harvesting practices and manufacturing processes to ensure you are receiving a quality product.