This 95-Year-Old Man Is Surprisingly Fast On His Feet! (Breaks 200m Sprint Record In His Category)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

95 year old breaks sprint record

Ten years ago a dentist from England named Dr. Charles Eugster decided at age 85, that his body was deteriorating.

He decided to do something about it. He took up running. Not just running, sprinting.

Now, at age 95, the dentist, who also does bodybuilding and rowing, has set a record for his age group in the 200 meters.


He ran an indoor race in 55.38 seconds, beating the old time by 2.4 seconds. The previous day, Eugster had also broken the UK record for the 60 meters. Most people don’t make it to their 90s and if they do, they’re rarely walking. Dr. Charles Eugster is running races and beating records!

Watch him run and get inspired at the potential we all have within us if only we believe in ourselves.

Charles Eugster's 200m World Record, from Silver Grey Sports Club

Here’s a Video of Him Explaining Why He Thinks Bodybuilding at Age 93 is a Great Idea

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