8 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

foods to avoid with diabetes

Diabetes is one disease that directly affects diet, and it often leaves diabetics wondering what they can eat.


However, even those without diabetes can benefit from avoiding the following foods, which are rich in trans fat, sodium, carbs, and high in calories.

1. Nachos

This addicting, festive snack is perfect for parties and as a happy-hour appetizer, but its health effects aren’t as appetizing.


The caloric intake in one regular order of nachos alone could be more than half of an average woman’s calories for the day, with very little nutrition at that.


Try to cut back on the fat and sodium amounts by using baked chips and low fat cheeses or sour creams. This will definitely help your craving for this favorite Mexican treat, but it won’t hurt your health quite as much.


2. Coffee Drinks

coffee drinks

If you’re a one or two cup, black coffee-drinker, don’t worry, we’re not talking to you. We’re talking about the fancy cappuccinos and frappuccinos advertised on every corner in every city in America. These drinks are loaded with sugar and empty calories [1].

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3. Fried Chicken

fried chicken

Fried chicken is offered in most restaurants these days, but it’s a severe threat to consumers’ health.

Try switching to grilled chicken to avoid the sodium and cholesterol [2] that go along with deep fried chicken.


4. Processed Lunch Meat

lunch meat

Lunchmeat is very dependable for weekly lunches and party trays, but its sodium overload can be a major part of unhealthy diets.

If you don’t have much else to use for a work meal, try loading the sandwich with more vegetables and less lunchmeat to gain some nutrition points and fill up faster.


5. Purchased Doughnuts and Baked Goods


Commercially baked goods are easy breakfast meals and usually look pretty delicious on an empty stomach, but they are full of sugar, fat, and add up to a tremendous amount of calories.

If you think you may crack when you get to the supermarket and see the baked goods aisle, try to avoid it by eating before you go food shopping and start near that aisle first, while you’re still full, so you won’t break.


6. Frozen Meals

frozen meals

When life gets busy and hectic, especially during kids’ sports seasons, it is easy to turn to frozen foods as a quick dinner for the family. But be aware that they are high in fat content and sodium levels.

Luckily, there are lighter frozen meal options that are starting to become more common in stores. Try those if you need a meal in a jiffy or add your own veggies to frozen meals to boost their health factor.


7. Soft Drinks

soft drinks

Soft drinks are extremely high in sugar content and are large contributors to weight gain.

Some drinks have diet versions that use artificial sweetener but it may be better to try for some sparkling water with fresh fruit; it’s still a sweet, but healthier, treat.


8. Pizza


Whether it’s frozen or restaurant made, everyone loves pizza in all of its unhealthy glory. This family-loved meal is filled with sodium, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

Don’t worry though! If you can’t convince the kids that there will be no more pizza, or if you yourself don’t want to give it up completely–try baked at home pizza! This way you get a memory and a good meal for the family.