7 Push Up Variations Worth Trying

by DailyHealthPost

push-up variations worth trying

Push-ups are a classic exercise routine that builds strength in your abs, triceps, and chest.

A proper push-up takes time to develop, but once you have the basics down, there are a variety of alterations you can make to change up the traditional form.

The following push-ups are generally for more experienced people and require caution to reduce the possibility of injury.

Try them out to see which ones work best for you!

1. Forearm to Tricep Extension Push-Up

This push-up begins with you at a horizontal position with your feet at a vertical position, with the toes being the only part of the foot on the ground (just like traditional push-ups call for).

Your forearms are placed in front of you on the ground, turned inward toward one another, with each hand lying next to the opposite arm. The individual will then extend their arms off the ground and leave their hands in place for support.

2. Jack Lalanne Fingertip Push-Up

Sometimes referred to as simply “Lalanne push-ups,” this routine requires the individual to be in a horizontal position with foot extended upwards, toes being the only part of the foot on the ground again.

The person will then reach their arms above their head and keep only their fingertips in contact with the ground. The arm extension is not as long as the traditional push up and only goes as far as it takes the person to extend their foot as if they were standing on their toes.

3. Burpee

This full-body push up adds jumping and squatting to the normal routine.

First, you kneel down and touch your hands to the ground.

You then extend your legs back behind you, putting your weight on your hands.

This will place you in push-up position. Once there, do the push-up and quickly pull your legs under you so you land in the squatted position you had previously been in. From there, extend your body upward and reach your hands above your head into a jump.

4. Clapping Push-Up

Similar to the format of a traditional push-up, you will simply add a clap once you reach full extension of your arms. As soon as you clap, you should put your arms back to the extended position they were in and finish the push-up regularly.

5. Hindu Push-Up

For this push-up, you must begin with your feet almost flat on the ground. Then you place your hands on the ground as if to do a traditional push-up; however, you extend your arms and put your mid-section straight in the air – this should make your body look like an upside-down “V.”

Once at this starting position, dip your head down to where it just barely touches the ground and carry it through until you extend fully with your face looking upwards.

6. One-Arm Push-Up

This push-up is fairly similar to the traditional push-up; however, it is a more concentrated strength-training routine. You get into regular push-up position and then place one arm behind your back. Continue the push-up as normal.

7. Spiderman Push-Up

This push-up requires you to begin in traditional push-up position. The change comes in when you push down. Here, you must lift one leg out of extension and pull it up to your side with knee bent and leg turned out as if you were climbing a wall.

When you push back up, you bring your leg back into normal position with your opposite leg. But don’t try climbing any walls in this position, no matter how many times you successfully complete the push-up.


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