6 Ways You’re Causing Your Own Memory Loss

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

memory loss

Memory loss is a common side effect of aging. Most of us know that we’re supposed to stay mentally active, do crossword puzzles, and stay social to avoid age-related dementia.

But did you know there are a bunch of things you’re probably doing to make your memory worse? In this article, learn six things to avoid if you want to keep your memory sharp.

1. Smoking

memory loss smoking

Whether you’re smoking cigarettes or something a little more illicit, you’re not doing your memory any favors. When you smoke, you deprive your brain of much-needed oxygen, which can lead to overall fuzziness and decreased mental acuity. Face memory is apparently a particular sore spot for smokers – studies have indicated that in comparison to non-smokers, individuals who smoke are more likely to have a hard time matching names and faces.