6 Small Changes in Your Exercise Routine That Will Make a Difference

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

exercise routine

3. Pick up Speed.


Do your exercise faster. By exerting more power in the activities that you do, you burn more calories and involve more muscles.

For example, if you walk to the store at lunch, sprinkle intermittent walking sprints. When you climb the stairs, run up one flight.

If you do squats, stand faster. Take it slowly and don’t add a lot of weight all at once but ease into speeding up things you already do.


4. Engage in Interval Training.

interval training

EPOC is an acronym for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption; what it means is that your body continues to burn fuel after you’ve stopped a rigorous exercise.

When you turn off a burner on your electric stove, it stays hot for a while and takes time to cool down. The same is true for us. Maximizing EPOC will get you more out of what you’re already doing.

Alternate between doing something fast and then at the normal rate, like running and walking.


The slower activity allows the body to recover from the more intense periods, which are then more effective. The greater-intensity intervals increase EPOC [2].