6 Foods You Absolutely Need To Avoid If You Suffer From a Thyroid Disorder

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

worst foods for thyroid gland

4. Cruciferous Veggies

You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of broccoli, cabbage and the like by now. Cruciferous vegetables(5) certainly have their place in any healthy diet—but if you’re dealing with a thyroid condition, it may be best to shift your focus toward other healthy greens for awhile.

That said, this is only a potential concern if you have an iodine deficiency and if you rely on cruciferous veggies for a substantial portion of your diet. As long as you maintain variety in your health choices and get all the nutrients you need, your daily broccoli habit isn’t going to hurt you.

5. Coffee

Unfortunately for much of the population, coffee(6) isn’t the greatest early morning refresher if thyroid health is a concern. That said, a moderate amount of coffee consumed daily isn’t necessarily a huge deal.

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Over time, excessive consumption of coffee can wear out your adrenal glands(7), which can lead to many different thyroid conditions and adrenal fatigue.

When you drink it, your adrenals release the stereotypically fight-or-flight hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. If you have been drinking obscene amounts of coffee from a young age and are concerned about your thyroid health, now might be the time to start cutting back.

6. Gluten

There’s very little compromise when it comes to gluten(8) and thyroid health. Gluten contains a protein called gliadin, which is foreign to the human body. Your thyroid contains an enzyme called transglutminase, which is very similar to gliadin.

When you consume gluten, your immune system initiates an attack response on gliadin—and on the similar enzyme in your thyroid. After your consumption of gluten, your thyroid can suffer damage for up to six months. If you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, it’s best to get regularly screened for Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Maintaining a healthy thyroid is a part of maintaining a healthy body. Some of the foods on this list, such as fried foods, are considered unhealthy across the board and are best avoided whenever possible. Others, like cabbage, almost certainly have a rightful place in your diet.

By considering thyroid health into your approach to overall health you will find the right balance of all the nutrients you need while staying away from foods that could really hamper your quality of life. Stay healthy!

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