5 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Finding life hard to bear without your smartphone attached to you 24/7?


Well read on as what we have uncovered from recent research may help you tone down your relationship with your device.

1. Poor Sleep & Reduction in Productivity

A new study has unveiled that using popular smart phones after work hours can leave the user tired, unfocused and less productive the next day due to being less able to sleep well.


Researchers have indicated that this is because using the device before bed interferes with the sleep hormone melatonin and its production.

late woman working on laptop

The findings of this study were published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes[1], where the authors also stated that the National Sleep Foundation estimates that six in 10 Americans say that most of the time they are not getting sufficient sleep.


A lack of good, deep REM sleep can leave you feeling frazzled and can make you act out of character – so for the sake of others in your office, try leaving your phone alone after work and start catching up on all that disrupted sleep.

2. Leaves You Feeling Hung-over

hung over

As well as leaving you feeling tired, using your phone at bedtime can leave you feeling hung-over the next day without even touching a drop of alcohol.


This research comes from Michigan State University, and has found that people who use their smart phones before sleeping for work purposes wake up with a ‘tech’ hangover[2].

Russell Johnson, a professor who was part of the research team at MSU, said that smart phones are very disruptive to sleep as they keep our minds constantly stimulated which makes it more difficult to detach and harder for us to relax and fall asleep.

3. Damages Relationships

breakup over phone


Having a few problems in your relationship? The reason could be due to heavy texting.

As researchers at Brigham Young University found that heavy texting was associated with relationship dissatisfaction among both men and women in the study[3].

The problem arose from the study participants using text messages as a way to make decisions, say sorry or settle an agreement which was associated with lower relationship quality for women and for men lower relationship quality was linked with over texting.


4. Can Make You Fat & Lazy

lazy guy on sofa

Smartphones are rarely thought of as being able to cause the same sedentary lifestyle problems as that of watching a television set all day has.

But research carried out at Kent State University in Ohio found that smart phone users who used their phones for 14 hours a day were less fit than those who only used their phones for 1.5 hours a day[4].


All sedentary activities promote weight gain and lower energy levels if they are overdone – so it’s high time to find a new active hobby just to counteract all that overusing of your smart phone lately!

5. Higher Risk of Dry Eye Disease

dry eyes

The results from a study published in the Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology Strabismus found that smartphone use is an important dry eye disease risk factor in children[5].


Close observation and caution regarding video display terminal use, especially smartphones, are needed for children.

Save your eyes and take regular breaks from your smartphone.

Just because this study was aimed at children doesn’t mean the results would be any different if it were tested on adults in the same way, so don’t take chances with your eyesight no matter your age.