5 Ways to Cope With Loneliness

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through the country, many Americans are under strict instruction to stay at home and practice social distancing from others. Here are five ways you can cope with loneliness while still safely staying at home.

Keep a Routine

Try to make your day feel as normal as possible by keeping to a regular schedule. Start each day with a plan and then keep track of when you do those things.

Keep Yourself Updated About Health Information

A 2020 Chinese study found that people who kept up to date on health information functioned better psychologically. Remember that too much could be bad for your mental health. Find what works for you and remember to stick to factual, reliable sites.


Keep Moving

It’s important to stay active as much as possible during your time alone, as your physical health is intertwined with your mental health. Try at-home exercises like yoga and low impact workouts. You could even go for a walk around your neighbourhood if it is safe to.

Socialize with Technology

Just because you should physically keep a distance from people doesn’t mean you still can’t find other ways to connect with your friends and family. Talking on the phone, video chatting, using social media or even sending a handwritten letter are great ways of maintaining your social connections.

Try Something New

Express yourself by creating something, whether it be painting, writing or a home project you’ve been wanting to do. Taking time to channel your feelings into something creative can be a therapeutic experience.