5 Warning Signs You Might Be Addicted To Caffeine

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


4. Acute Psychosis

The Journal Medicine, Science and the Law reported about a 32 year male who had a short-lasting acute psychosis episode following the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and ‘vigueur fit’ tablets that also contain caffeine[4].


This same man was subsequently convicted of committing assault when he was in this psychotic episode and after consuming the same cocktail he went on to have another aggressive psychotic episode when never before was there a history of aggression or abhorrent behaviour in this man.

This study then said for public safety caffeine-containing stimulant drugs that can be bought over the counter like those contained in weight control programs should be given out on prescription only and need to include a warning of mixing them with alcohol.

So read the packets of what you might be taking, even if it states ‘natural’ energy boost. Caffeine stimulants come with a variety of different names and on the label it does not always state ‘caffeine’ as is the case with guarana or citrus aurantium – but the effects are very much the same no matter where the caffeine source comes from, or how harmless it seems.


5. Managing Your Eating Disorder With It

A report published in the journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment stated that caffeine is implicated in the exacerbation of anxiety and sleep disorders, and people with eating disorders often misuse it[5]. This is because caffeine antagonises adenosine receptors, which may potentiate dopaminergic activity and exacerbate psychosis.

Plus, evidence they have suggests that most people living with the eating disorders bulimia and anorexia, use caffeine as a way to speed up their metabolism and lose more weight.

Having an eating disorder is a very serious problem, and requires expert help to help you break free from it. Plus if you are extremely thin, and misusing caffeine then you increase your risk of premature death due to insufficient body weight which will cause the caffeine to cause increase your heart rate and may lead to a heart attack.