5 Unexpected Ways to Use Avocados

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

3. Raw Avocado Soup

Naturelita’s raw avocado soup is loaded with nutrient dense goodness. With not just avocado, but raw cucumber, which is good for skin, joints, and cancer prevention, tahini, which is high in many vitamins and minerals and promotes healthy skin, green peas, and mint, this soup packs a powerful nutritional punch.



4. Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Avocados alone are incredibly healthy, but when you pair them with a wild caught fish like salmon, you have a nourishing combination like no other.


High in heart healthy omega-3’s and protein, salmon is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. But top it with Laylita’s avocado salsa, and you have a dinner that will undoubtedly receive rave reviews!


5. Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Yes, avocados can even be used in desert! Who knew?! You may have to try it for yourself to believe it, but avocados make an amazing base for chocolate pudding.


Their creamy texture gives this pudding from How Sweet It Is a delectable smoothness, so much so that you won’t even know it’s not the real deal. And the dark chocolate gives it a super antioxidant boost!