5 Surprising Reasons to Take Cold Showers

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

cold shower

Showering under hot water is a complete luxury and not at all necessary for good health.

Whereas cold showers on the other hand, if taken regularly, can offer you many incredible benefits for great health.

Read on to learn some facts about how showering in cold water may improve your health!

1. Burn White Fat by Cold Showering

Brown fat is the good and very necessary type of fat we need to help generate heat and keep us warm when things get cold outside.


When someone is overweight, or carrying excess weight around their waist, lower back, neck and thighs for instance, then this means they have too much of the white fat – the unhealthy type of fat that is much harder to shift.

But good old Scandinavian researchers found that exposure to cold temperatures actually helped to increase the metabolic rate of brown fat by as much as fifteen times and this translates to potentially helping a person lose nine pounds a year if sustained[1].

Maybe this is the secret behind Scandinavians having long had one of the lowest obesity rates in Europe.