5 Powerful Oblique Exercises For Ripped Abs

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

When you’re working out, don’t forget to flex the muscles running along your sides.

These are known as your obliques and there are some great exercises to get them toned and strong.

Try out these exercises at home and feel the difference it makes!


1. Oblique Static Holds

Oblique static holds are a simple movement that can provide excellent toning. Lay on one side with your back straight.

Then prop yourself up on the arm that is against the ground, positioning your legs straight out, one on top of the other.

This is also sometimes known as a side plank. Hold this position for thirty seconds and then release. As you master this move and your obliques get stronger, increase the amount of time that you hold them.

Core Muscle Toning & Strength Exercises : Side Plank Exercise for Core Muscle Toning & Strength

2. Side Planks with Knee Pull

This position is an extension of the oblique static hold explained above. To do a side plank with knee pull, go into a side plank, stack your feet one in front of the other so that the bottom leg is in the back.

Then what you will do is draw the back leg up towards the chest, crossing it briefly into the front. Then return the bottom leg to its original position. Repeat this several times on each side.

Jillian Michaels' Side Planks

3. Decline Russian Twists

You will need some equipment to do a decline Russian twist. Position your body on a decline bench so that you are leaning backwards with your feet facing up under the foot pad.


Lift yourself up from the bench so that your core muscles are engaged. You should be leaning forward about fifteen degrees from the decline bench.

From this position you will twist your body to the left and to the right, for a given number of repetitions. You can increase the reps as you get stronger, or add a weight that is held during the twist to increase the difficulty.

Decline Russian Twists

4. Full Contact Twists

This exercise also requires some equipment. Position the bar for some free weights in the corner of the room. Then place one hand on top of the other at the top of this free weight bar, holding it up in front of you at an angle. To perform the full contact twist, you will essentially be doing a kind of lunge.

Turn your body first to the left, bending down through the knees and drawing the bar down with you. Then pivot to the right, bending your knees and bringing the bar around in a kind of arc. This exercise can be made more difficult by adding weights onto the top end of the bar.

KO Coach Exercise #1 - Full Contact Twist

5. Physioball Step Offs

To do a physioball step off, you will of course need a large inflated exercise ball. Begin by balancing yourself with both feet on top of the ball and your hands on the floor, arms extended.

Then take one leg and bring it down off the ball, letting it touch the floor on that side of the exercise ball. Lift that leg back up onto the ball and repeat the exercise on the other side.


This exercise can be done in sets of twenty reps, several times. Now is the time to get fit! Start toning your obliques today with these great exercises!

OneResult.com - Physioball Step Offs


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