5 Healthy Recipes For Your Next BBQ

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

As summer approaches, everyone is excited about getting out their grills for barbecues and block parties. Unfortunately, the classics, such as hamburgers and potato salad, are simply not very good for you.

These tempting summer dishes are high in fat, saturated fat, sodium and even sugar. But barbecues don’t have to be full of unhealthy foods. Check out the following recipes for some healthy ideas for your upcoming barbecue.

1. Agua Fresca

aguafrescaFor a refreshing fruit drink to replace high-calorie soda or its artificially sweetened diet counterparts, try this recipe for agua fresca. Agua fresca, literally “fresh water,” is a Mexican-inspired drink that combines strained fresh fruit, limes, cold water, and a little bit of sweetener.


This recipe calls for sugar, but you could use honey or agave to make your agua fresca healthier. You can even make a variety of flavors or combine fruits for new and delicious combinations. Try pineapple, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries, or watermelon.

2. Vinegar Coleslaw

mvinegar_slawColeslaw is a summer barbecue classic: a shredded cabbage salad with a sweet and sometimes tangy dressing. Traditional coleslaw is high in carbohydrates and fat, but this alternative coleslaw recipe is quick and easy, and uses red wine vinegar instead of mayonnaise.

Red wine vinegar can reduce cholesterol and fat, increase calcium absorption, and reduce the risk of diabetes – definitely a healthier option. For this recipe, toss coleslaw mix with an easy red wine vinegar dressing and green onions for a delicious summer salad.