5 Greens You’ve Probably Never Tried But Should

by Amy Morris

Bored of the same Old Leafy Greens? Then Mix things up & try these 5 Unusual Greens!

OK – so we have all heard of lettuce, spinach, and even kale is quite popular as a leafy green these days.

But there are actually many others out there that offer us plenty of good nutrition as well as being delicious on the taste buds when cooked and dressed up accordingly, as the newly released cookbook entitled ‘The Complete Leafy Greens Cookbook’ by Susan Sampson, demonstrates.


If you are a food fanatic or someone who just fancies a change from the humdrum world of supermarket greens – then try adding the following greens into your menu:

1. Carrot Tops

Carrot tops contain 6 times the amount of vitamin C when compared to the root vegetable, as well as good amounts of potassium, vitamin K and calcium.

Finely chop and add to a couscous dish. It is the high potassium content that gives them their bitter taste, so remember this when choosing a dish to put them in.

Some experts say that the leaves are a natural antiseptic, so this means you could juice them and use it as a natural mouth wash – nature is incredible huh?

(*Carrot top greens must be taken directly from the top of a carrot, and not picked wild from a bush that simply looks like carrot top leaves – as these can be poisonous!)