5 Athlete-Building Beetroot Recipes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

beetroot recipes

3. Vegetable Crisps

vegetable chips recipe


These homemade vegetable crisps are healthier than what you can buy at the supermarket because they are oven-baked and not fried. This matters because it means the oil has not been subjected to extremely high temperatures and the food will retain more of its nutrients.

Using four different types of vegetables as this recipe does is a great way for both adults and kids to boost their daily intake in an easy and tasty way.

Recipe @ macnifique!


4. Greek Zucchini & Beetroot Fritters

greek zucchini and beetroot fritters recipe

Providing a unique Greek twist to the usual vegetarian burger recipes out there, this one will quickly become a favorite on your “Meat-free Mondays”.

Beetroots don’t just contain vital nutrients like protein, phosphorous, fiber, zinc, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese, but they are also rich in decent amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

Recipe @ zaikazabardast


5. Beetroot & Millet Burgers

beetroot millet burger recipe

Served with a side salad or your homemade vegetable crisps, this beetroot burger recipe packs a good dose of protein and other nutrients from the eggs used to bind the ingredients together. Daily intake of protein-rich eggs can help to keep energy levels stable and repair damage to the body where it may be needed.

The beetroot gets its deep crimson color from its unique phytonutrients called betalains, which according to research have been found to potentially ward off cancer, including those of the breast and prostate.[3]

Recipe @ greenkitchenstories

Boiling water poured on beet juice will prevent it from staining fabric. Just in case.