5 Antioxidant-Rich Recipes Featuring Red Grapes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

4. Blueberry-Grape Relish

blueberry_graperelish_recipe_2013-07-25Have other ideas for interesting grape combinations? This relish will give you a way to test them out. Blueberries, red grapes, a little sweetener of your choice, fresh ginger, fresh rosemary, and red wine vinegar are simmered together until the fruit loses its shape.

Season the mixture with salt and pepper, and you’ll have a very versatile relish. The relish can be used as a sandwich spread (think turkey with apples), as a topping for cottage cheese, or even as a sauce for chicken or pork. Get all the details here.


5. Arugula, Grape, and Fennel Salad

Grapeand-Arugula-Salad_recipe_2013-07-25This is a quick and refreshing salad, easy to throw together and perfect for a hot summer day. Fennel, sliced thin, offers a buffer to the sweetness of the grape, as does the bitterness of the arugula.


Add in some blue cheese, and top with lemon juice, olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Check out this and other quick recipes featuring grapes through this link. 

What’s your favorite way to eat grapes? Share your recipes and ideas with us in the comments section!


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