4 Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Constipation Naturally

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

relieve constipation naturally

2. Half Plow

Half plow is another great pose for helping with constipation. This pose works because you are in an inverted position. According to many yoga experts including Carrie Demers, MD, [3] inverted poses help with elimination. The half plow is a good option for getting the body in an inverted position that can be held easily for a good amount of time. It is also much easier for beginners to yoga than its sister pose full plow.

How to do it:

To perform half plow you will need a chair or a wall but for the sake of this example, we will use a wall. Start by getting a few dense blankets and fold them into a rectangle the length of your back. It’s recommended that you use yoga blankets for this. Place the blankets a foot away from the wall. Lie on your back with the blankets beneath you, and let your head rest off the blankets. Now as gently as possible kick your legs up over your head and use your hands support your torso. Your hands should be on your high waist not your hips. Place your feet on the wall with your hips in a 90-degree angle. It is very important that in this pose you do not rotate the head and that the shoulders are pulled back and down to keep the chest open.

Yoga Plow with Half-Lotus Variation

3. Triangle Pose

Triangle pose gently encourages the body to come into deep side bends. According 500-hour yoga certified instructor Timothy Burgin [4] deep side bends help get the intestinal juices flowing because side bends activate the gallbladder and liver, the body’s source of bile production. Bile is important with constipation because one of the greatest causes for constipation is poor diet. Bile is what helps the body digest fat, a huge part of poor diet choices like french fries.

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How to do it:

Step 1

To perform triangle pose, stand nice and tall with a good posture and jump or step your feet so that if your arms are spread in a T, the feet land underneath the wrists. Once your feet are under your wrists, make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Now starting with the right side, rotate the right toes out away from the body (if the arms are still in T form your toes point the same direction as the fingers).

Step 2

Inhale and bring your arms up into a T and Exhale tipping over like a teapot and placing your hand on your shin. The opposite arm should be reaching towards the sky. Make sure your gaze is also upward if it is comfortable for the neck. After you have taken a few deep breaths in this position you can extend your arm all the way to the floor, but only do this if you can keep the chest open and your legs are not in any pain from being over stretched. Once you have held the pose for a reasonable amount of time come back to standing and do the other side.

Yoga Asanas – Triangle Pose Trikonasana Asana

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