4 Ways to Stick to Your Diet And Workout Routine

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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1. Come to Terms with The “Healthy Tax”.

The “healthy tax” is the difference in cost of healthy foods and junk food. You hear it all the time. It is one of the most overused excuses. “Eating healthy is expensive!”


For the average consumer, those critics are typically right. Lean meats, organic foods, fresh vegetables, cage free, natural raised, and on and on. These foods are a bit more expensive. Especially when you factor in the added cost of washing, preparing, and cooking these foods.

4 Ways to Stick to Your Diet And Workout Routine


But if you are truly dedicated to being healthy and meeting your goals than it shouldn’t matter. In the grander scheme of things you can think of them as a tax on the healthy. A tax for living longer, feeling better, having more energy, and living with purpose.

All of that and more is absolutely worth the extra cost. Sure you might have to forego a few luxuries in life to afford them. But how happy does all that “stuff” really make you? Not as happy as the physique and health will, that’s for sure.

Working a little harder and paying a little more to make the results come quickly and last longer will be a major key to your success.


2. Learn Between 5-15 Recipes

Bodybuilders, models, nutritionists, athletes, Olympians, all have one thing in common. They know exactly what they will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Typically multiple days, or even weeks in advance.

This is vital to any fat loss regiment, strength training or muscle building routine, or just becoming overall healthier and happier.

It’s not as simple as saying you will eat this or that though. The secret formula is research and development on your part. You need to educate yourself on what foods will be more beneficial to you and which ones won’t.


Once you have that list of foods, you can start to make meals around them. The average strongman, bikini model, or athlete sticks to the same go-to meals over and over again. Typically between 5 and 15 meals.


They can make them in their sleep. They know exactly what to buy, how to cook it, and what makes it so special to their goals.


These meals aren’t 5 star restaurant quality, nor are they something to call home about. But they are something you can stomach repeatedly and that you won’t get sick of. You have a little variety, and typically one to three meals a week they will eat outside their routine for pleasure.

3. Keep Track of Your Progress

Not only do the truly successful among us know what they will eat in advance, but they can also tell you what they ate every day last month.

Kind of a crazy thought, right?


A long time ago, most would agree with you. But with the advent of apps like MyFitnessPal and websites like Nutrionix or Fooducate that task seems much more reasonable.

We can look up the nutrition content of everyday foods like apples and much more complicated foods like a turtle waffle bowl sundae from Dairy Queen (810 calories if you were wondering).

Not only can you search for these foods but you can also scan their barcodes to input them into your daily food logs.


Typically, tracking your calories for just a few weeks is all it takes to really get a hold of your diet. You will quickly realize what kind of damage some foods can do and which foods you can eat every day.

For instance, that turtle sundae may have only taken you a few minutes to eat. However, it would take 93 minutes to burn it off jogging, or 225 minutes of walking.

On top of calorie tracking, it’s also a good idea to track your body transformations. Weighing yourself and keeping a log of it daily can be very beneficial to your goals. It gives you more insight to what is working, and what isn’t.


Weight doesn’t always tell the full story though, and body fat calculations rarely do either. The best (and cheapest) route around is to buy a body tape measure and a body fat caliper and operate them under similar conditions periodically. Once every 4-5 weeks (or 10-15 pounds) is typical.

Keep a detailed log of your measurements and if you have trouble with operating them there are several YouTube videos on the internet explaining them in more detail.

How to measure body fat percentage with body fat calipers


4. Find An Accountability Partner

Sometimes you need a strong competitor to take you to the next level (or get you off the couch at all).

This can be a personal trainer but it is much more fun to compete with someone who is in a similar situation as you, with similar goals.

Seeing someone lose fat when they used to look like you is really motivating. That goes for any goal. It also feels good knowing your aren’t going at it all alone.


Someone who knows your struggles, and you can vent to them or get feedback from them whenever. Chances are you will wind up enjoying this experience together and taking it to new heights.

Many times people will attain a goal together, like losing fat, and go on to run races together or take up some kind of adventure sport.

The possibilities are endless.