4 Ways to Avoid Storing Carbs As Fat

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

storing carbs as fat

3. Never Eat Carbs Alone

apple and peanut butter

A common diet myth is the idea that you should eat carbs alone so that they will digest more easily. In reality, it is best to eat carbs with protein. Some argue that eating carbs and proteins separately is beneficial because they digest differently, and eating them together can slow or hamper the digestive process.

This is false; the digestive tract is perfectly capable of digesting multiple types of food at once. Eating carbs and proteins together is good for your diet because it will make you feel fuller and more energized. And most importantly it will prevent a spike in your blood sugar levels, which prevents fat storage.

4. Don’t Drink Sugary Drinks When Eating

sugary drinks

Finally, to avoid storing carbs as fat, you should also avoid sugary drinks during meals. Juices with a lot of sugar and soda both cause your blood sugar to spike, which will lead to more of your calories turning into fat and cause you to gain weight. Alcohol has the same effect and it will dehydrate you.


Stick to water during your meals, and your metabolism will be able to burn more fat. Water is also significantly healthier than sugary juices and soft drinks, and drinking it more often will make a big difference.