4 Proven Ways to Relieve Stress and Live Better

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Stress is a part of life that is unavoidable.  Anything can stress you out and everyone, of course, is different in their reaction to this.  For some people, the impact of stress can be mentally debilitating. 

Always remember, however, that stress can be mitigated. Take a look at these four tips that can help you relieve stress and alleviate worry.

1. What’s The #1 Way to Chill Out and Relax? Exercise.

If you are feeling particularly stressed, at the very least you should get out and walk it off.  Take a walk around the block and get your heart rate elevated. Do some sprints or pushups. Get active.


For maximum stress reduction, exercise frequently. It’s not just about doing something good for yourself and your body.

One large study demonstrated that people who regularly exercise have lower levels of anxiety, depression and neuroticism[1]. In general, people who move about regularly feel better about the world and themselves.

2. Write Things Down.

Make a list to keep track of what you need to do. We can only handle so much information at once. Sometimes, the burden of everything that needs to be done is just too much. What’s the default reaction? For some people it is to shut down.

Consider keeping everything you need to do organized with a list or, if you have something bothering you, write it down.

One study in the Journal of Psychology took a look at the experience of college students and their ability to cope with and manage stress through list making. The study determined that students who made lists perceived that they had more control over their time. The result? They were less stressed[2].

It’s all about convincing yourself that you are in control. Make a list, and you will feel better if you’re stressed out.