3 Ways Stressful Events Are Slowly Killing You

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

There are enough negative situations that arise on a daily basis to make us angry or fearful.

If you aren’t already exposed to power plays at work that demean employees, political struggles amongst co-workers vying for top positions, or companies taking advantage of the little guy, just turn on your television.

There’s plenty to become angry or fearful about.


Big stressful events often precede a diagnosis of cancer or a heart attack in many elderly people.

It’s also connected with high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases, not to mention mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

How Stress Kills

What’s really interesting is that scientists have discovered detailed information about how stress kills us. Here are three ways on how stress negatively impacts our body:

  1. Affects Natural Killer Cells

Stress has the ability to affect how active your natural killer cells are in their functions. Natural killer cells act as a surveillance team against viruses and cancer cells. When their activity levels fall, it’s easy to be overcome by viruses or other microbes, and cancer cells run rampant. This could be directly related to why the cancer appears in the first place; many cancer patients report that they suffered from a period of extreme stress prior to their diagnosis.