3 Restaurant Foods That Are Killing You

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Restaurant Orders

For many people, the time to start controlling their dietary habits is always tomorrow. Since we all lead busy lives, saying “tomorrow” just continues to get easier and easier. “As soon as I get back from this trip… Once the kids go back to school I’ll have time to cook… If there was just a good grocery closer by…”

As a result, we end up eating out at restaurants a lot more than we should. If you know how to properly eat at a restaurant, then you can get a healthy meal just about anywhere. Unfortunately, most people just aren’t aware that they really can make healthy decisions. Or, even worse, they’re too lazy to make the health choices they know will save their lives.

Well, guess what? The time is now!


The 3 Deadly Restaurant Foods

Chances are you consume at least one of these products at least once a week (which is one time per week too many). The foods are:

  • Deep-Fried Foods
  • Refined Starches
  • Soda & Sugar

At first glance, you probably think you “know” that those foods are bad. However, if you’re continuing to eat these foods, then you might not be truly aware of just how bad for you they are. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes these foods health nightmares.