15 Ways To Reduce Endocrine Disruptors In Your Kitchen

by Dr. Frank Lipman

2. If you use a microwave, heat foods (frozen or not) in microwave safe glassware or ceramic containers; never plastic, no matter what the label says! Skip plastic wrap coverings when heating foods in the microwave to prevent EDs from dripping into the food.

3. Adjust cooking time to prevent food from drying out.

4. Trade non-stick cookware for good old-fashioned, cast iron or stainless steel versions.


5. Use glass glasses at home and carry a stainless steel water bottle to keep endocrine disrupters out of beverages. Also, remember that the young are especially vulnerable to the effects of EDs, so the less plastic they drink from, the better.

6. Ditch old, ED-flaking, plastic cooking utensils, strainers and cutting boards for metal or sustainable bamboo versions.

7. If you use a dishwasher, look for the greenest alternatives possible. Wash with the minimum amount of detergent you can and make sure it’s free of phosphates and fragrances.

8. For hand-washing and general household cleaning, avoid ED-laden anti-bacterials. Instead, use eco-friendly products or, better yet, make your own using non-toxic ingredients like castile soap, lemon and vinegar.

Here are a few terrific recipes to get you started from Living Well Spending Less.