This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Drink a Coke

This Is What Happens In Your Body When You Drink a Coke

Have you ever wondered why Coke comes with a smile? Because it gets you high. They removed the cocaine almost 100 years ago. Why? It was redundant.

In the first 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor, allowing you to keep it down.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat. (And there’s plenty of that at this particular moment.)

40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate; your blood pressure rises; as a response, your liver dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked, preventing drowsiness.

45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.

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> 60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium, and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.

> 60 minutes: The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (It makes you have to pee.) It is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium, and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolytes, and water.

> 60 minutes: As the rave inside you dies down, you’ll start to have a sugar crash. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You’ve also now, literally, evacuated all the water that was in the Coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things like hydrating your system, or building strong bones and teeth.

If you can’t completely remove soft drinks from your diet then make sure you drink it in moderation. And if you’re trying to get your kids off this stuff, have them try this cool experiment.


  • guest

    I thought they were gonna cut the egg open and find evil!

    • mike

      If you do that with Dr. Pepper, you’ll find Dr. Evil inside

  • aseem rastogi

    well well well..people have been drinking these sodas since decades and i believe since generations..whats the horror in that???
    i agree we must care about our health and excess of everything is bad!

  • katie isaac

    Coke soda is a good drink,been drinking it since my youth. Am 64 now and am healthy yeah

    • dougkinan

      I agree. I drink two Cokes a day since the age of 5. I will be 71 in March and my health is better than average, with my weight proportionate to my height. Coke is not just a good drink, it’s a great drink.

      • Mark

        Coke tastes really good, especially in a glass with ice. I like it with popcorn or peanuts. As long as it’s taken in moderation, I don’t think it’s a big problem. In moderation, it’s one of life’s little pleasures. I give it up for Lent and do just fine without it.

  • LiamTheDream

    What happens if I drink a “Rum and Coke”?

    • reagan2012

      It looked to me like the egg was well-preserved. Drink more Coke and
      your body will be cleansed. Take some extra calcium and you’ve got the
      secret to youth! Add some rum so you are more entertaining when you’re old.

      • 94c2500

        My favorite local Bar has a large bottle of eggs that look like that… hmmm.

    • David Muoki

      U become hyper and better looking. …

      • xtch3

        And everyone else looks better to you too! 😉

    • crumbinator

      She starts looking better.

    • Kepler93

      All the above plus an urge to dance.

      My advice: Drink it with coconut water instead.

  • Meow Pants

    A sugar free red bull is much worse than a normal one, yes maybe you saved some calories, but you just loaded your body with toxic chemicals that cause disease. Do some Googling on it, just go with the Normal one, Cane sugar is unhealthy but better.

  • shaylynnvacca321

    my Aunty Amelia got a new blue
    Land Rover LR4 only from working part time off a home computer… helpful hints

  • DrBubba

    I guess that is why Mt Dew is even more addictive. It has even more sugar and caffeine than coke.

  • DrBubba

    Midwesterner… ‘pop’ :) .. it took me yrs to get comfy with the word ‘soda’! Soda in the Midwest is bubbly water, so now i use ‘soda pop’ and everybody knows what I’m talking about…. go to S. Carolina and everything is a Coke.. Mr Dew. Pepsi, Nesbitts orange…. give me a coke… what flavor… umm. ya

    • Mourning America

      It’s that way in Texas also – everything’s coke. I had a bit of culture shock when I moved to Indiana and everyone called it “pop” or soda. Strange! I still don’t call it “pop” and it’s been 18 years!

    • Cherry

      No it’s not! Everything’s called “a drink” . You want a drink? What kind…Coke, Sprite…??

      • Mourning America

        Texas is so huge, that maybe where you are from it’s that way, but where I’m from it’s coke (I know, it’s dumb).

      • KC

        Or to be more fancy- beverage. 😛

    • KC

      I’m from Kentucky and I’ve always said soda. My grandparents say pop (from Ohio). My parents (also from Ohio but moved to Kentucky when I was born) usually just call it by the brand, but they sometimes say soda.

  • Dee_M

    Seems like Everything will Kill you…( sigh)

    “Waiter, I need a Cheeseburger…”

  • Dee_M

    Wait till they go to High School…

  • Warr

    If you don’t like Coke, you just don’t like it. It’s a matter of taste preference. That what’s great about having choices. That’s not picking on it. As for McDonalds, they need to improve the taste of there food in comparison to the other fast food restaurants. To me all their food has a bland taste, that’s why if I am going to subject my health to fast food, it should at least have something to appeal to my taste buds. McDonalds also appeals to kids more than adults, and the adults just suffer through it.

    • primenumbers235

      In comparison to the OTHER fast food restaurants?!?!? You’re joking right? All the other ones are nasty, bland, sloppy crap that I wouldn’t feed to a mutt. Even mcdonalds milk taste better than any other milk. (besides jilberts dairy) mcdonalds could be better, but in comparison to the other fast food restaurants it isn’t even a competition. And if you think any different then your taste buds aren’t refined enough to pick up the subtleties that makes food good. I’m not a big fan of fast food, but when I do get some there is no other choice than mickie d’s. Have fun eating your undercooked, soggy, cold burgers.

  • Tristan Enseleit

    Yeah this whole article is full of gross, but I’m still gonna drink Coke and any other soft drinks for the enjoyment because it is 1 of the few little pleasures I get out of living this horrid thing we call life. I don’t drink alcohol of any kind because it all has a horrible taste to me and it’s just as unhealthy for you as this article claims Coke is. Plus, the alcoholism addiction and risks; numerous car accidents don’t happen because someone was drunk on Coke, right? Hahaha. Sure, the insulin injection drinking Coke gives you plus all those other highs, I won’t have to worry about them since I’m an athlete and my metabolism is high enough to process and break down all that insulin so it doesn’t fester in my system, contributing to becoming a diabetic. Physical activity breaks down glucose in your system, thereby using up all this sugar before it can turn to insulin in your system, so long as you maintain an active lifestyle and moderation in drinking Coke, you should be alright. I know I will be, despite this article’s ploy to get people to stop drinking “pop”. I bet this article’s author loves their booze instead, though, since that’s even worse for you than this.

  • bjnesbitt

    With my daughter we never introduced her to carbonated drinks. She is now 6 and still to this day and for the rest of her life will never drink carbonated drinks. The reason I know this is because anytime she has ever tasted a carbonated drink she spit it up and said “Yuck”. I made the decision for her to protect her from the bad stuff that her body never needs to consume. The high intake of corn syrup and other similar artificial sweeteners by kids these days is why some many of them are over wait. My daughter drinks 70% water and the other 30% is juice or milk. As for the comment about wait till High School, there is an easy solution for that, its called educate your kids about making good choices at an early age so its learned before they reach the age of all knowing aka Teenage years. That’s my two cents.

    • iShrug

      I have to laugh. She is six, and you honestly think she will remain six her entire life? Wait until she discovers BEER.

      • Erin De Cesare

        Beer won’t rot your teeth and rob your bones of calcium.

        • Springs1

          It will just rot your liver and pancreas, that’s all, the more important things in your body.

          • springs1isstupuid

            honeslty i have read many of your comments and you are the biggest FUCKING idiot i have ever encountered NONE of your arguements make sense. Are you slow? Calling someone a fucking moron or something for no reason makes you seem like the fucking moron. People like you are a cancer on this earth. If I worked in a restuarant, or any servive industry and had to serve you, I wouldn’t. I would fucking fight you if I could you fucking bitch.

          • Springs1

            WHY are you so mean? You are the biggest idiot. All of my arguments make sense and that’s why you hate me. You know that’s the GOD’S **HONEST** TRUTH, don’t lie now!

  • jarradcvh059

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    year old Jaguar only from working off a home computer… Recommended Reading

  • Ethan Clarke

    I’m 77 years old and have been chug-a-lugging six to twelve cans of Coca Cola Zero everday since its inception. I have no complaints.
    So what else is new-? It may not be “The Real Thing” but they have me fooled.

  • Michiel1965

    That is why I drink Dr Pepper. There is a doctor in it so it must be good.

    • KC

      LOL That’s the only soda I drink. I really should quit though. Even a couple times a month is bad.

      • Jason

        A couple times a month is BAD? Sounds just a wee bit alarmist. Does anyone really know what’s 100% good and/or bad for anyone? One person’s kryptonite is another person’s elixer of life. Genes, environments and lineages being as varied as they are, no one thing considered to be a food is going to be 100% good OR bad for 100% of people on earth.

        • Badabing

          An analytical personality cannot get enough information before making a decision. Then, there is self denial. Then, there is the pronoun, “I”. Then there is wisdom. How many light years are we from the latter? Or is this too fast for you?

        • JB

          People: being alive is bad for you. Hell, it kills you! There is a 100% chance that simply existing-breathing, sleeping, eating, peeing, etc., will end your life someday. Darn life anyway; better off giving it up I guess. x)

        • kwegs

          “Elixir of life” Coke and Pepsi and the rest of that crap, beneficial? My someone lives in lala land and wants to justify bad habits. That’s quite a stretch there Jason. I’d say a glass of organic green juice would be 100% good and chemical laden acid in a glass is 100% bad. How is that even in question?

  • dooshbahg

    I drink coffee from the beans crapped out by those damn primates in the rain forest ???

  • grwow

    I buy a Coke occasionally to clean the road film off my windshield. Works great for that. Always thought, well, if it does that to my windshield, what does it do to my insides? Was a Pepsi fanatic anyway. Four years ago when I sought the advise of a doctor for weight loss, the first thing she asked me to do was give up soft drinks. All of them. Fearing failure if I gave it up completely, I decided to allow myself one can a month. At first, that one usually was on the first of the month, but now, it gets to the end of the month and I realize I forgot to drink one! And yes, I lost ten pounds the first month I gave it up. Don’t miss them at all now.

  • Rich39

    Heck I need to drink 3 or 4 day. Wonder why Pepsi doesn’t work this way on your body?

    • iShrug

      Because the Pepsi trademark morphed into the Obama trademark symbol. Take a look.

  • iShrug

    I drink one 12 oz Coca Cola each morning. I don’t pound it, I sip it. Do you really get a charge out of trying to ruin my enjoyment of one small, simple pleasure I indulge in? POTUS & FLOTUS are already bringing me down.

    We have so few things left to enjoy, which have government’s seal of approval. It’s not a good idea for young teens to engage in sex, but this is condoned: I am forced to pay for their “free” birth control.

    Lay off Coke. It’s the real thing! And I buy my own.

    • KC

      None of that has anything to do with the article, but I do agree with you.

    • Josh Sprague

      I believe anybody taking the time to capitalize brand names works for the brand names. I’m also impressed with all the 60-70 healthy individuals who just happen to have drank soda their whole lives and post to share their personal experimental data and outcomes…Count me convinced!

  • Paul Buckroyd

    interesting article. Lets see one on Diet Coke. Then on Diet Rite. It has no Sodium, No Caffiene. Its pretty much colored carbonated water.

    • KC

      Aspartame causes brain tumors.

  • Mourning America

    I once knew a Mormon family who “occasionally” indulged in pizza and Coke – maybe once a month. Mormons are counseled to avoid addicting foods and drinks to keeps their bodies healthy. It was strange, but they were all very healthy and fit.

  • Roojam

    That egg was apparently attacked by a radical jihadist, as evident by the music.

  • Net-guy

    The problem with this information is that the “Coke” is often cut with a well known BS detection additive “Jack Daniels” or “Bacardi”…..Both are well known additives that have been used through the years to cut through the BS….I personally recommond to start with 3 to 1 mixture..for those who are more experienced in BS detecting, maybe 2 to 1 or even 1 to 1…no matter the mixture you prefer, the fact is the more you ingest, the less this BS will matter….:)

  • Busta Nuts

    Oh fuck off with these videos. Believe it or not coke doesnt sit in our bodies. Stupid fucks. All these items sitting in coke for months or even years doesnt happen to us

  • Soylent


  • hushdrops

    This made me want to grab a full on sugary soft drink , thanks !

  • NevadaMustang

    I love Coke….drink it all the time—and it doesn’t make me ‘high’ … I don’t crash…..none of those things in the article every happen to me. I respect health information…….and clearly the author has a flair for shock drama…..but why pick on Coke. Why not just talk about soda in general. Because.. Coke is the best! I find the reference to heroin and Coke silly. Instead of informing…the article made me laugh..and have a Coke.

  • Ferny

    That the reason so many people are diabetics too much sugar

    • Ms. Archuleta

      Wrong. Sugar is fine IF your pancreas can make enough insulin to dissolve it. If the pancreas doesnt work right you get diabetes.

  • oswald gobblecock

    Wonder about diet coke.

  • KC

    It’s true. That acid is HELL on your tooth enamel. I never had a cavity until I started drinking it. Then I had 6. I didn’t learn and kept drinking it. I developed more and one of my fillings fell out, resulting in an abcess and that tooth having to be removed (it was a wisdom tooth and even though I was awake, I never felt a bit of pain during and after the removal. But I was lucky.) Now I have another wisdom tooth with a cavity because again- I didn’t learn!

    I finally managed to quit for several months and drank only water, then went back to drinking soda on rare occasions- maybe one to three glasses a month only at restaurants. I still want to fully quit again. HFCS is horrible for you, sugar is inflammatory and inflammation causes pain and lots of health problems. Not to mention all the other chemicals they mentioned in this article!

    Random fact: My mom quit soda and went on a vegan diet and within one year she’d actually BUILT BACK tooth enamel! I didn’t even know it was possible. Apparently dentists do see it sometimes but it’s pretty rare.

    • kwegs

      And they sure don’t like to tell us that. It’s much easier and more profitable to tell us it’s impossible and we need expensive procedures at their hands. It’s been refreshing to finally hear that little tidbit revealed on a couple of recent TV commercials.

    • mk

      you know theres something else your supposed to do called regularly brushing your teeth…

    • Springs1

      You obviously don’t brush your teeth or go to sleep after drinking soft drink. I haven’t had cavity since I was a young kid, which I am 37yrs old. I drink soft drink on the weekends a lot and a little during the week. My teeth are fine. You need to brush, floss(even after meals, not just once at night), and rinse with Listerine.

  • KC

    Vinegar also makes an excellent cleaning solvent and disinfectant, I’ve heard. I use it on my counters when my husband and I need to roll out dough. I just clean them with vinegar and a paper towel, then wipe with water and a paper towel, then dry, and it’s ready to go.

    Good to use on a stove too. We have a gas stove and I worry about using chemicals to clean it. You can clean your whole kitchen with it (if you can stand the smell.)

    Vinegar’s good for you. I wish I liked the taste.

    • exaag

      Coke is great for removing rust. I just cleaned my old BBQ with it and the Coke freed up some air vents that had rusted shut.

      • kwegs

        True! It’s an excellent anti corrosive. Too bad they sell it the grocery and market to our kids (happy meals) instead of at Home Depot with a warning label.

      • tahoegeminii

        also good for removing battery acid-but baking soda works just as good

    • DogsNotCats

      Yep. We use white vinegar to wipe down our dark granite countertops. It removes all the smudges & shines the surface beautifully. And when I’m done, I enjoy an ice cold Diet Dr Pepper. :)

      • kwegs

        Wow, diet even? Double disgusting, double deadly, completely uneducated. Great tip on the counter though. That’s something to touch on in your eulogy.

        • tahoegeminii

          yeah she kept a clean house-woo hoo

    • specom2

      Do shots.

  • KC

    Or you could drink… Ya know… Water.

    How do you not have horrible back pain drinking it for 40 years??

    • exaag

      If you tasted the water around here you would risk Coke in a heartbeat.

      • kwegs

        As much as I disagree with that logic, it’s very true. In lesser developed countries and even certain areas here, or certain situations that’s true. It would be safer than untreated water but that’s typically not an issue here. I’m not saying that our tap water is safe as is, far from it but we have the ability to responsibly filter the water in our own homes, thankfully.

    • Jason

      Yeah, cause Coke and back pain are causally linked for sure. Makes perfect sense.

      • DogsNotCats

        I drink a Diet soda every day w/no side effects but my spouse & another friend avoid soda because they say it gives them joint pain & back pain.

      • Anonymous

        Yes genius it does, my kidneys are shot because if it and the pain’s in your back. There are different degrees of drinking it ‘all my life’ moderately? Excessively? Don’t take a chance.

      • kwegs

        Sugar is linked to pain. Sugar is inflamatory. Why do people feel the need to speak when they have nothing of value to say?

    • cleos_mom

      If he didn’t have horrible back pain, would you be disappointed?

  • KC

    A high blood pressure doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

    Mine was dangerously high. I brought mine down to slightly lower normal within a month on a vegan diet- and I eat a lot of flavorful foods. I still eat fast food fries (never at McDonalds cause they have beef broth in their fries), I eat pizza with sauce and veggies, I eat chinese food, I make my own foods at home from scratch. I eat a lot of zucchini, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, fruit, etc. I check it every day. It’s been a year and it’s never been more than 5 points above normal again.

    It has a lot more to do with the cholesterol you consume than the actual salt. I ate a LOT of salt the first year, now I’m cutting back on sodium just because I want to. Many processed foods really are packed with too much sodium and chemicals. I like a pinch of salt in my food. Not 800 mg. So you’re doing a great thing by cooking his food from scratch. You’re a good wife!

  • KC

    That’s scary! You’re a good mom for keeping them off soda.

  • KC

    God forbid a parent try to raise their kids healthy because one day they might slip up! Guys, don’t gang up on a person who’s trying to do right by their kid.

    Bjnesbitt- It’s not about absolutism. It’s highly likely she probably will not drink soda because most people don’t like to try new things much until they’re an adult. However, if she does slip up, it’s not the end of the world.

    I plan to raise my kids vegan and without many processed foods. That doesn’t mean I expect other parents to make a vegan birthday cake at their kid’s party just because my kid “can’t eat it”. There’s going to be times when not all goes according to plan, and you can’t stress about it.

    You do the best you can with kids and you don’t try to control every little thing outside the food they eat at home. You teach them healthy habits and you hope they choose to continue them. If not, you gave them 18 years of healthy growth, and every day makes a difference at that age. You’re doing a good thing.

    • DogsNotCats

      It’s not “ganging up” to disagree w/someone who foolishly claims to know what her six year old kid’s gonna do/not do for the REST of her life!

  • KC

    Unless a child has acid reflux, I highly doubt stomach acid will be a problem.

  • KC

    It depends. If the drinks contain aspartame, you are setting yourself up for a brain tumor.

    They’re usually not malignant but you can have some pretty bad seizures.

  • KC

    Beet sugar is genetically modified. We don’t know what effects genetically modified crops have on our bodies when consumed. Not enough studies have been done.

    I support labeling of all genetically modified foods so that people can make a conscious choice of whether they want to take the risk.

  • Jacob Witherspoon

    I’m 61 years old and I’ve cut back on Coca Cola consumption due to being a borderline diabetic. All sugary sodas have this problem and should be consumed in moderation. It also helps to eat healthy and get regular exercise.

  • JD

    Guess you support the murder ( opps, I mean abortion) of these children so that you and your supporters can be the proponents of freedom, yes?? Don’t speak for God unless you know what He stands for as defined in His Word, the Bible. If you don’t believe the Bible then you don’t believe in God since it is that book that defines who He is and what He wants for mankind. Believe it or don’t believe it but it will not change the truth of what it teaches and how you will stand in judgement before Him if you refuse to accept His gift of salvation thru repentance of sin and calling upon His son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior thru faith alone. Rejecting this message will not change your fate. You believe what God says, or you don’t. Attacking the ‘messager’ who tells you these types things changes nothing. Statements on the behalf of God where you claim that it’s God’s intention for old men to be impotent is the same as me saying it’s His will for you to be ugly. You may be ugly but that does not mean it is against His will for you to do something about it. If you going to attack someone like this, at least say something that is intelligent and meaningful, not personal opinions that are not backed up by facts.

  • BoruBrian

    So..I drink 5 caffeine free diet Coke’s a day..every day for 20 years. cavity

    I wonder if this study was done by the dairy association or the same guys who told us for decades that margarine was better then butter. Today..Every scientist seems to have an agenda and a financial motive. .just saying

  • Erin De Cesare

    I wasn’t allowed cola growing up and neither were my kids. Plenty of other healthy alternatives. The baby tooth experiment is for real. My daughter did it in third grade. Tooth was gone. That did it for her. It’s called conditioning, people. They’ll never miss what they never had.

  • granddad1

    If p.eople did not eat or drink everything that “scientists” have said were bad for you over the past 50 years there would be no one left alive

    • Jon

      Simply not true. Over the last 50 years there has been in epidemic in chronic medical conditions, one of those being diabetes. Sugar doesn’t kill you suddenly it creates long term chronic diseases that get worse and worse as you get older. What we’ve seen in the US is a drastic spike in health care costs due to unhealthy diets. Good luck to you.

  • Hotcupoftruth

    You can have my coca cola classic when you pry it from my icy cold fingers.
    I drink 4 – 5 cans a day and have for over 40 years. I am in great health and have nice teeth. Thanks for trying to spoil one of my guilty pleasures. LOL

    • Jon

      Nonsense. If you drink that much sugar there is no way you are in great heath, no way. You should go get blood tests done and see for yourself. You are probably on your way to many chronic illnesses that you’ll suffer from in your old age.

  • tim skinner

    like grampaw jones told once. I new a man that never drank,cussed,smoked,gambled nor chased women and he lived to be 98 the other guy asked; why would he want to live so long?

  • Couponista

    I am 41 years old and probably drink soda, pronounced soader in my Connecticut-North Carolina hybrid accent (wink), once a year. My mother raised us drinking water, milk, apple juice, grape juice and orange juice from concentrate. You know the kind in the freezer section. She added double the amount of water so it taste pretty awful. But all these years later, I dont have a desire for sugary drinks. I still love milk and diluted juice along with wheat bread and shredded wheat cereal without sugar. Its not far fetched that the lady with the six year daughter that proclaims she will never drink soda in her life. It can’t be guaranteed but whats wrong with believing it? I never bought soda for my kids growing up. I didn’t tell them it was bad for them, it was just natural not to. My kids are teenagers now, one would drink a two litter if you let him and the other prefers apple juice. The bottom line is that soda is not healthy to drink. It may not kill you and if you like it, drink! Soda drinkers dont be defensive or make claims about soda not being bad for you. Its full of sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors and chemicals. It is what it is!

  • moovova

    They didn’t show a picture of the most important “facility” in this process…the commode.

    That’s where 99% of that Coke goes.

  • Dad_a_Monk

    Dopes is NOT a TN term. Grew up in Tennessee and lived in the Gatlinburg area for quite a few years. Only place I have ever herd the term Dopes to refer to cola was in South Carolina. They call any cola drink dopes.

    • alex

      I LOVE Dr pepper with vodka it tastes good. Bakersfield ca. Is the place to be

  • truetolife

    You should see what happens to your body when you snort coke.

  • Me

    Right… And you can do the same thing with vinigar in a few days.. So what this actually tells us is that cola is a rather mild acid…

  • Truckin Ryan Lemons

    Unless you are prone to accid reflex

    • Booger Jones

      Actually, it helps diminish acid reflux. It aids digestion….acid reflux is a digestive malady.

  • Anonymous

    ‘occasional’ is the key word here.

  • K. Bett

    You can use coke or really any dark soda especially ginger ale to clean battery acid build up off your car. Getting a cavity or abscess in a wisdom tooth is common regardless of what you drink just because of its location in your mouth.

  • John

    Sooo silly! Coke doesn’t sit in our stomach for a year, it’s quickly digested. But I still agree it’s definitely not good for you in any way.

  • Zebulon Conrail

    I assume that as the water evaporated from the coke more coke was added making the solution extremely more concentrated than the original coke. Try the same experiment with orange juice, vinegar, or any number of acidic liquids we consume. I’m not downplaying the fact that coke is not something that should be consumed in excess, however this illustration has nothing to do with the reasons why it is not good for you.

  • Wayne Collier

    My cokes are always iced down. Love it and with the ice you get a dilution of the coke anyway. Rarely do I drink a straight coke so these articles are not always accurate.

  • Sharyn Guthrie

    Just Eat Real Food and have some respect for your body.

  • Andy Wulf

    Whatever. It tastes good.

  • Diogenes

    Only that’s not what happens.


    That coke is going to evaporate before 365 days. I did the nail in the coke experiment on high school. I put it on the top corner shelf and It evaporate to a thick, gummy, carmel type texture. It stayed that way through college. The nail was completely intact but a little rusted. It didn’t eat through the nail or anything like that. Just saying, it will evaporate before 365 days.

  • j03

    Wow, your critique actually makes it sound enjoyable.

  • Jon

    You’ll be singing a different tune when you realize that before death you’ll suffer from years of chronic illness that will not only cause you great pain but lots of money in medication as well. Most people don’t just drop dead in an instant they develop diseases that slowly deteriorate your health. Good luck.

  • Sargee7

    So drinking vinegar is about 150 more damaging to your teeth than drinking Coke? How many meals have vinegar in them?
    Bottom line, if your teeth are made of egg shells, stay clear of both Coke and vinegar!

  • Frank N. Blunt

    Beside the health problems there is the heist & waste of water resources that aide & abet corporateers create socio-economic disparity & promote injustice.

  • Bill Powell

    Bullshit! A year for this to result! What would the egg be like after a year of just sitting on the table by itself? Rotten! Lots of foods contain some acid – in fact most foods contains some chemical or another – doesn’t mean it’s bad for your health. While I drink MAYBE 2 Cokes a year, I doubt it causes any more health concerns than most other soft drinks. Is beer better? How about Scotch on the rocks or any other mixed or drinks? Any food left anywhere other than a freezer for a year is going to go south in that time span. Is the egg bad because it’s pickled? Some people like eggs that have been pickled in a vinegar solution. What happens to the shell of the egg when left in the same solution Kosher dill pickles are packed it? Bet the shell gets dissolved in less time than in the Coke. It’s all about quantity. Drink too much water in too short a time and even that can kill.

    • 1moreRobot

      Good point. That “experiment” was a little goofy.

      • ServosT

        Yeah. A year!!! It’s a neat trick but it really doesn’t say anything useful about the destructive properties of Coke.

  • JB

    Clacium of my organism? Which organism and what is that strange substance; sounds eerily familiar. Hm. (PS: I don’t plan to take a bath in coca cola for a year…and I wonder what a human would look like after emerging from a bath in WATER for a year. :P)

  • Dave

    was drinking 5+ 12oz cans of diet soda almost daily for years. One thing that isn’t mentioned in the articlewas negative impacts to heart, prostate health & some depression. also, i have a friend who would drink several liters of diet cola while cleaning pools in hot weather. He suffered a heart attack & nearly died. Probably dehydrated & stressing out his heart. it’s just bad for you… too much corn syrup or artificial sweetner.

  • Billy Rocka

    I want to see a test done like this with the same acid in our stomachs. THAT will show us the actual going ons…

  • janbn

    I don’t know why anyone would ever want to put even one sip of Coke. It is one of the more disgusting tastes. I would rather go thirsty than ever drink a Coke. Sadly, one of my sons is a Coke addict and the fat that he put on his body is a sad testiment to his addiction.

  • kwegs

    Clearly! Lol, some of these posters are displaying diminished capacity. I agree with your post.

  • kwegs

    It’s apparent that you aren’t one to keep up with the current state of our food supply in the US. Those of us who are informed have realized that the Coke of today, as well as pretty much anything else we are led to believe is safe for human consumption (FDA approved! Total joke!) I agree that it’s a logical assumption to make, and as consumers we deserve to be able to trust products that our parents trusted. Sadly though this is not the case. In it’s current genetically modified state, very little of the food in our super markets is safe (other than some things around the perimeter of the store) unless it Is Organic or labeled as GMO free. Soft drinks obviously do not fit this criteria. It was never “good for you or healthy” but in moderation it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as it is today. Anything made today with High Fructose Corn Syrup is VERY dangerous. As consumers we owe it to our families, and future generations to shut down this vehicle of disgusting corporate greed and corruption in our government that has allowed our food supply to be hijacked! As I’m sitting here posting this the “Tournament of Roses” parade is on. The announcer just mentioned GMO’s!!! It’s so exciting that it’s becoming mainstream conversation! The float is by Dole Packaged Foods and contains fruit trees that are non-genetically modified. It excites me that Dole is committed to GMO free farming and even more so that attention to this issue is part of our current vernacular. It’s been a dark secret for 20 years. Please google, these facts and become educated so we can tell companies like Monsanto that we won’t stand for this any more. We are in a very bad place right now as a country. Over 60 countries have current bans on what you just had for lunch including the Coke and Pepsi. You can buy those drinks around the world of course but not the formula we get here in the US. Pepsi has another version with no HFCS and no caramel coloring (carcinogenic). True story, Google all of it.

    • Eric Russell

      Why is it that the organic and anti GMO pushers always think that they are the educated ones and everyone else is ignorant? The organic pushers that I have met get all their information from natural news and other pro organic web sites. They are the ones who are ignorant because they only get their information from one side. If they were truly educated, they would know that real scientists have not been able to prove that GMO’S or conventionally farmed foods are any less healthy than organic foods. The only “studies” that show that GMO’s are bad are so poorly done that anyone with a basic understanding of the scientific method will see countless errors. However, these flawed studies get pushed by Big Organic and get published on organic web sites and journals and then get spread around by the foodies who believe in the bad science. Then, these foodies claim that everyone who dissagrees with their bad science is ignorant and under the control of Monsanto. These people need to read something that isn’t pushed by big organic and stop being so close minded.

  • Peter Rudy

    The phosphoric acid and other ingredients in ALL sodas , destroy your tooth enamel .

  • Lindsey Bernard

    Interesting. Scarey.
    Question: any facts about Diet Coke? Or whwre i coyld find something similar?

  • dougkinan

    In my view, the author of this article doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. As evidence to prove it, there is no by line.

  • gringo pancho

    I quit drinking cokes and such years ago and drink water mainly but summer time a gateraid or more and im sure its just as bad as the rest of the drinks. my point drink what makes you happy where all going to die

  • dkliman

    I went to the coke museum in Atlanta, GA, in the 90’s and asked a docent, “do you still put coca leaves in coca cola?”

    He told me, “we do, but we remove the cocaine first. coca cola’s pharmaceutical subsidiaries are the largest grower of coca plants in the world.”

    so then I asked, “but you can’t really remove ALL the cocaine, can you? there has to be some left…”

    “we remove the amount of cocaine that is acceptable to the FDA.”

    “you didn’t answer my question… does that mean there is still cocaine in coke?”

    “we remove the amount of cocaine that is acceptable to the FDA.”

    I thought he was joking around with me so i walked around the museum and asked two other docents. I pretty much got the same answer. When calling 800-get-coke, they just say it’s a secret recipe and they won’t answer any questions at all about the subject.

    Now I’m waiting for my Tell-spec to get here so i can do an actual analysis of coke and see if it has cocaine once and for all.

  • What nonsense.

  • Realist

    This informative article, has been brought to you by the makers of PEPSI…………

  • Thrall

    I been drinking water since jan 1 2014 my piss went from orang to light yellow am I doing it right

  • tripper54

    What defines ‘a coke’? A 250ml glass? A 375ml can? 1.25L bottle? 2L bottle? I can’t see how you can offer a quantity of sugar consumed when you don’t quantify the amount consumed. Coke has 9g (2.25 teaspoons) of sugar per 100g.

  • Cincinnatus

    All the “holier-than-thou” comments on this blog post from all the anti-soda zealots is the most amusing thing about this article. You people do realize that 300 years ago it was folks like you that were burning witches in Salem don;t you?

  • cleos_mom

    But 21st century America apparently needs an alternative to religious Puritanism.

  • Tristan Enseleit

    How is my comparison irrelevant? The unhealthy effects of 1 drink versus another. A lesser of two evils, so to speak. Alcoholism vs. diabetes, caffeine addiction from coke consumption vs. coffee consumption and I’m sure there’s many more. I wasn’t trying to neg on the article, just that if you had my life and haven’t acquired a taste for booze, then drinking lots of Coke would be your only option with which to enjoy life. I’m guessing you’re only hating on me because you’re sittin’ rich and pretty behind a laptop/phone your parents paid for (or probably bought with their welfare money if you’re of minority descent) with their own $$$ and you couldn’t possibly understand the adversity I endure every day here in reality as an average, white, single, lonely person . Whatever indeed, girl70. Why don’t you go drown in a bathtub of Coke, then? For all I know, you’d probably be that wasteful with it.

  • steve

    I like boobs

  • Glen Olah

    If you tell people something authoritively they will believe it and as belief creates reality they’ll end up unhealthy in this instance. Like many here I have been gulping down bucket loads over the years and don’t feel any worse for it. I’m sure that would be a lot different if I dwelt on the negatives.

  • MichaelHLong

    Yeah, bottled water is supposedly bad for you too AND your teeth (no flauride in most bottled water).

  • tony greene

    Dr.Pepper too?

  • salvador

    Drink Diet Coke and you don’t have to worry. Very simple solution.

    • DeeSnood

      There’s no less phosphoric acid in diet coke. Plus, the sweetener fools the brain into thinking it’s receiving sugar, so almost the same effects as far as insulin and future type 2 diabetes is concerned.

  • Jennifer Adair-Guzman

    Brushing teeth would’ve helped a bit I am sure.

  • ddanimald

    I lost 30 lbs on a coke, whiskey, cigarette and snicker bar diet. No joke. 20595 to 175. I was not even trying to lose weight. I was just busy rehabbing a house I bought to flip and wasn’t stopping for food. Btw made bout $35 grand. All good.

  • Ashley

    I was obese. And I lost weight, A LOT of weight while drinking either diet coke or coke zero. From 230 down to 140. Sure glad that stuff DOESNT make you obese, if it did, guess I would to fit. In my size 4’s! :)

  • Pickle Munkey

    If you leave anything sitting in something for a year, nine times out of ten the results won’t be good.

  • DeeSnood

    Phosphoric acid is the big problem.

  • Tom

    Here’s what your body really does: When you see a commercial where they play America the Beautiful in languages other than English you quit drinking Coke. There, problem solved.

  • Joel O’Brien

    So, you recycle. That’s nice!

  • Creekside

    Interesting… I also drink orange juice, fresh squeezed, which has the same sugar content as Coke… yet I am not gripped by the sudden urge to vomit because of the sugar intake. Hmmm… Could this be a little pile of BS? Pop may not be ‘good’, but lying about it doesn’t help your case.

  • kwegs

    And I can’t stand people like you! What exactly is my agenda genius just making observation moron. Defensive much?

  • tahoegeminii

    make fun if you like-but Soda Pop and sugar cereal are killing off those to illiterate to understand they are being sold slow poison and their children-social engineering and population control at work-pretty much the whole food pyramid and everything they tell you is healthy is a lie-basically killing off the stupid in this country slowly so that the medical industry can make their buck off you before you die as well-like being a cash cow-slowly led to slaughter??-keep joking then–another lie granola and smooties -they can kill you too and even if you are not celiac we are almost all gluten intolerant-how many bloated “corn fed” mid westerners with giant wheat bellies does it take to prove that point-a whole lot of dead ones I guess from the drunks commenting here-ALL grains were created to fatten the livestock-get it!! which is why grass fed beef is healthier-all those grains not even good for the cows-that includes rice and beans for the vegan freaks that think they are eating healthy-your not-even if it is organic–truth hurts and most American junk food junkies would prefer to die slow painful gross deaths than to actually eat a diet that doesn’t kill them-and laugh about it-the 1% loves you you are falling for their plan to thin the masses-the “let them eat cake” theory of letting the pigs eat themselves to death-Ok I am going to tell you without trying to sell a book or make a profit-none of that–good meat–grass feed beef, all fish, free range hormone free chicken-swine is just bad-screw that–do you know how many brain worms swine exposes you to?? seriously and that is just for starters-all veggies-cooked as little as possible-raw unsalted nuts-except peanuts they are legumes, good eggs-from a neighbor if possible-fresh eggs are really the bomb-dried fruit and sugar carbs are all no bueno-before you get all pissy–here is a typically healthy delicious meal–filet mignon or good top sirloin-char rare heeped with a mountain of sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese and pine nuts and a greek or Caprese salad and when you eat like this you can eat as much as you want-use coconut or red palm oil for all your oils and fats–again this actually helps your blood rid itself of saturated fats built up and yes you can eat as much as you like-another cedar plank salmon with sauteed dill, kale and spinach and topped with several over easy fresh eggs-whe you cut into the eggs over the Salmon it rolls down like Hollandaise Sauce-so wise up and stop whining you can eat more and feel better if you don’t get snared by this deadly trap-you aren’t “depriving” yourself of anything but a slow painful death-one which makes you fat and gross so nobody feesl sorry for you either-think about it really is a brilliant plan -for psychopaths who want to control the population that is-don’t be a lemming

  • tahoegeminii

    and you can’t enjoy what life you have as a fat diabetic whale-can you

  • Zivia

    This article completely incorrect. What a fear-mongering crock of crap!

  • Tanner Littleton

    Still better than alcotrash.

  • TBTG

    I suspect if you soaked a boiled egg in any sort of liquid for 365 days something similar would happen and there is nothing stronger than stomach juices, even Coke can’t survive a trip to the stomach!

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Bonds with organs? I think you failed biology. Please stop spreading your ignorance to the world in comments.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    And there we have it… in excess. So can all you do good, scientifically illiterate morons shut up now. Everything is bad in excess. There is literally nothing wrong with Coke in normal use.

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    There is nothing better than a can of coke when you need a good hit of caffeine and sugar, little pick me up when you feel a little low in energy. Especially good when you feel bloated. Tastes great. Literally no drawbacks. Other than if you are a greedy moron that drinks it to excess. But then that’s not really the coke’s fault. Everything is bad in excess. Even water. Anti Soda articles seem to be the new scare mongering for the great unwashed masses.