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Hawaii is its own rich ecosystem. By virtue of its geography, many unique plants make their homes there; the fertile volcanic soil and warm, moist climate allows for farming virtually year ‘round. Last year, two significant Bills were passed in the state, limiting the development and use of genetically modified (GM) crops: Hawaii County on [...]

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A typical trip down the aisle of your favorite grocery store greets you with labels proclaiming “All Natural”, “100% Natural”, “Low Fat”, “Gluten Free”, “Organic”, and so much more. It is so easy to get overwhelmed, and drawn in by the labels; after all, that is the manufacturer’s goal. But, do you know what the [...]

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Okay, it’s not really magic. But this vegetable that looks a little like a brain is good for the brain—and virtually everything else in your body. So much so that this cruciferous vegetable can contribute to your general health and healing what ails.[1] It comes in different varieties (green, purple, savoy, bok choy) and can [...]

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When companies give customers what they want, the customers respond. Chipotle restaurants, now the biggest Mexican-style casual food chain in the U.S., announced last year that it would be raising its prices because of its switch to all non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) in its offerings. The following day, its stock prices rose substantially. Now that [...]

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