What Skin Cancer Survivors Tell You about Sun Safety

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Wear Proper Clothing

A large brimmed hat and sunglasses will benefit you greatly. Great-looking sun protective fashion is offered at most retail stores, so you don’t have to compromise your good looks in order to stay safe. A loose fitting long sleeve top can be a cool and still fashionable protection garment as well.


Avoid Sun Exposure

The sun is at its brightest between the hours of 10am – 3pm. While you may be tempted to get as much sun as possible, taking frequent breaks in the shade is a great practice that will pay off. Using an umbrella is a great way to take the shade with you, and stores today offer many varieties of sun umbrellas.

Stay Away From Tanning Beds

Shocking as it is, the Yale report noted that trips to the tanning bed are just as frequently taken by one who has been through treatment as one who has not.


Cancer surgeon Anees Chagpar called these findings “shocking and concerning.” Spending a few minutes under the rays emitted from a tanning bed can cause as much damage as hours spent unprotected in the sun.
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