Top 7 Foods High In Potassium And Low In Sugar

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Cheap and plentiful, bananas are a popular source for potassium, an important nutrient that we all need to get from our food.

But while bananas are typically affordable and accessible, they’re not everyone’s favorite food.

For starters, it can be hard to find organic bananas, and even harder to find bananas that are fair trade – many prominent banana brands are known for their unethical labor practices(1).


As it turns out, bananas – while a great source of potassium – aren’t the only source of potassium readily available in your local grocery store.

So whether you’re concerned about where the bananas came from, or you just don’t want the extra sugar that comes with it, here are some healthy, potassium-loaded alternatives(2).

The following list is based on levels per 100-gram serving.

1. Mushrooms, portabella, grilled [Portobello]

portobello mushroom

Potassium: 521mg Sugars: 2.3g

2. Mushrooms, white, stir-fried

white mushroom


Potassium: 396mg Sugars: 2g

3. Endive, raw


Potassium: 314mg Sugars: 0.2g

4. Broccoli raab, raw [Broccoli rabe, Rapini]


Potassium: 196mg Sugars: 0.4g

5. Lettuce, red leaf, raw

red lettuce leaf


Potassium: 187mg Sugars: 0.5g

6. Asparagus, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt


Potassium: 172mg Sugars: 1.9g

7. Cauliflower, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt


Potassium: 139mg Sugars: 2g

Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

According to the World Health Organization, the daily recommended intake of Potassium is 4,700 milligrams per day – yet the average per day intake of potassium for most individuals in the developed world is only 2,640 milligrams(4).


Getting enough potassium is important for bone and muscle development as well as heart health.

So stock up on the foods on this list to ensure that you’re getting enough of this important nutrient.