Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Pull-Ups

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Gaining the ability to do a full set of beautiful pull-ups is the dream of gym buffs everywhere, but many continue to struggle with this notoriously difficult upper-body exercise. Here are ten tricks that can help you master the pull-up while improving your form and strengthening your whole body.

#1 Strength Train Off the Bar

Building up your arm, chest, and back strength through other exercises will help you get to a point where you have the muscle to make your pull-ups happen. Go for bodyweight or free weight exercises over machines, since they’ll help you build strength in stabilizing muscles way better than a targeted machine.

#2 Try Resistance Bands

Rather than using an assisted pull-up machine, attach a resistance band to your bar and use it to support your knees. Unlike an assisted pull-up machine, resistance bands will only help you start your pull-up.


#3 Negative Pull-Ups

It’s easier to lower your weight than lift it, so practice with the lowering portion of a pull-up. Stand on a chair so that you’re at the same level as you would be if you’d lifted yourself, and then support your own weight as you lower yourself down to a hanging position.