Top 10 Toxic Fake Foods Made In China You NEED To Avoid

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

fake foods in china

top-10-toxic-fake-foods-made-in-china-you-need-to-avoidYou’re not going to like this, not one bit.


Although the news came out more than a year ago, the USDA now allows domestic chickens to be sent to China for processing before being shipped back to the states for human consumption. via EcoWatch

As disturbing as this may sound, this practice isn’t just limited to poultry. In fact, the same thing is happening with your salmon.


What’s scary is that the Chinese food industry has been consistently blamed for its falling standards.

An increasing number of people are beginning to avoid foods imported from China, and there are legitimate reasons for that.

The country has built a dubious reputation over the past few years by producing excessively toxic foods. Have a look for yourself.


1. Cement Walnuts

06_12_15Top 10 Toxic Fake Foods Made In China01How would you feel if you had purchased and carried a bag of walnuts all the way home, only to find that their shells were empty? Now, how would you feel if these shells were filled with something else?

That’s exactly what happened to a Chinese man a few years ago. While in Zhengzhou, the man had purchased walnuts from a street vendor.

When he arrived home, he realized that the shells had been filled with pieces of concrete.


The vendor had made sure that his scheme didn’t arouse any suspicion by wrapping each piece of concrete in newspaper to prevent them from making noise.

Since walnuts are typically sold by weight, the vendor managed to make a big profit off the whole thing. via News 163