11 Plants Native Americans Used To Cure EVERYTHING (From Joint Pain to Cancer)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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11 Plants Native Americans Used To Cure EVERYTHING (From Joint Pain to Cancer)The Cherokee Nation is a Native American tribe that hails from Oklahoma and surrounding American states.

Cherokees believe that they were given herbs and plants by their Creator, gifts which allowed them to treat and cure illnesses and ailments (1).  These plants were plants for healing various illnesses and so the Cherokees had great respect for plants.

Herbal medicine has been practiced by Cherokee and other Native American healers for hundreds of years (2).

Their extensive knowledge of the healing properties of regional herbs and plants was handed down from one generation to another via specially chosen healers and shamans.

They used a unique gathering method, picking only every third plant in order to ensure that the plants they relied on might continue to grow for generations to come.

Today, many of the herbs and plants that the Cherokee once used have grown scarce due to overconsumption and damage to the land. “Nature’s pharmacy” is slowly being depleted.

If you decide to gather any of the following wild herbs and plants, please be gentle and selective so that the plant may continue to proliferate.

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