4 Easy Mouth Exercises That Can Help You Stop Snoring And Improve Sleep

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

stop snoring exercises

Snoring may seem pretty harmless, but it can be a symptom of larger problems – most notably sleep apnea(1) – and it can mean a sleepless night for those sharing a bed with someone who snores.

Fortunately, according to a recent study published in the journal Chest, there are simple exercises that chronic snorers can practice to effectively help them stop snoring.

Snoring: A Widespread Problem

stop snoring exercises


According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects roughly 90 million American adults(2).

Snoring is caused by the muscles of the throat relaxing, the tongue falling back, and the throat becoming narrow and floppy, causing the walls of the throat to start vibrating.

Snoring can become more serious as you age, and be a significant sleep-disruptor – not just for the person snoring, but for anyone sharing their bed as well.

Dealing With Snoring

There are many snoring aids available on the market today, from sedatives to dental sleep devices, and many techniques that chronic snorers can employ to cut down on the problem, including weight loss and lying in different positions to sleep.

But now, according to the new study, there are simple tongue exercises which can greatly reduce the amount of time per night a person snores(3).