Skincare Doctor Shows What Gluten, Sugar And Wine Does to Your Face

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The skin acts as a window to what’s going on in the body (1).

Rashes, growths, discoloration and changes in texture can all indicate more severe internal problems.

Food Sensitivities And Your Skin

Naturopathic doctor and skincare expert Nigma Talib warns that what you eat may be affecting more than just your gut.

In fact, she can easily tell what her patients are indulging in, whether it be dairy, sugar, wine or gluten (2).

“The second a patient walks into my clinic I can immediately tell the sort of foods they tend to overeat just by checking the way their face is ageing.”

As a skincare specialist with over 10 years of practice, Talib has seen thousands of patients. She says:

“Certain food groups appear to be particularly damaging: gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol. Each taxes the body in specific ways, contributing to a cluster of ageing symptoms such as spots, puffiness, changes in skin tone, premature fine lines and wrinkles or sagging.”