5 Ways to Rewire Your Brain To Think Positively

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

train brain to think positively

Your brain is a muscle just like your biceps, buttocks or belly and probably could use a little training and rewiring.

It may be hard to fathom, but the brain does not always think about putting the rest of the body’s interest first, it wants what it wants and does what it pleases.

If you are lax with your brain, not training or disciplining it, the brain will run wild like an out of control child having a tantrum.


Converting a bad habit into a healthy one takes work, everyday work, especially if you are out of practice.

rewire brain to think positively

Teaching your brain the difference between needing and wanting is the goal you are reaching for. Tony Robbins says,

to break your bad habits, you need to catch yourself every time you find yourself doing it…then stop, take a step back, and force yourself to take the other route with your new substituted habit.”

1. Make Time Just For Yourself

Find a few moments everyday that are just for you. When you run yourself into the ground, trying to ‘do it all’, you are putting your health at risk, affecting everything and everyone in your life. The only way to be truly effective is by putting your physical, mental, & emotional self first. If you are happy, then everyone around you is happier.

Making time for you is not selfish, it is necessary to be able to facilitate all you do. Find the time, figure it out and put ‘you’ first; this body that you walk around in everyday is the only one you have, nourish it and let it thrive.