The #1 Predictor of Alzheimer’s is…(Blood Flow)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The number one brain imaging predictor of Alzheimer’s disease is low blood flow to the brain. Low blood flow to the brain is also associated with ADD, depression, and head trauma.

The #1 Predictor of Alzheimer’s is...(Blood Flow) #shorts

So you want to have strategies that increase blood flow.


Increasing blood flow requires three things.


Start caring for and protecting your blood vessels with regular exercise, an active lifestyle, and optimal sleep.


Avoid things that harm or constrict your blood vessels like stress, processed foods, alcohol, nicotine, and being sedentary.


Do things that help it. So exercise, eat foods like beets, oregano, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, which help increase blood flow.

See Top 11 foods that strengthen blood flow.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and consider taking supplements that have gingko, which has been shown to support healthy cerebral blood flow.