How 3 Naturopathic Doctors Cured Cancer (Different Treatments, Similar Results)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

natural cancer treatments

The field of cancer treatment is one full of constant new developments.

Study after study is performed, then overturned, as new areas of treatment are explored.

The reality of cancer is that the disease functions so differently from person to person that the idea of a single “cure” for cancer is basically a myth – while individual cases of cancer can be cured, the means of curing them vary dramatically from case to case.

When it comes to treating cancer, most mainstream doctors choose a combination of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, which have been shown to be effective in some cases and ineffective in others.

Meanwhile, the subject of alternative medicine is hugely controversial when it comes to treating cancer – many fear that there is an ongoing conspiracy to repress alternative treatments, while others fear that alternative treatments are just a scam used to get money from vulnerable people struggling with a deadly disease.

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The reality, as usual, lies somewhere in between. While there are scam artists working in the field of holistic medicine – just as not everyone working in the field of conventional medicine necessarily always has their patients best interests at heart – there are many who strongly believe in the medicine they practice and claim that they can see the results of their treatments clearly, in the form of shrinking tumours, increased life spans, and even remission of potentially fatal forms of cancer.

natural cancer treatments

Unfortunately, the nature of holistic medicine is often profoundly at odds with that of conventional medicine, making it hard for holistic practitioners and medical doctors to see eye to eye when it comes to the best course of action for their patients.

These three practitioners of various types of holistic medicine have been treating cancer for years – some even treating cases that doctors of conventional medicine deemed terminal, with positive results.

1. Budwig Protocol

Johanna Budwig is unusual in that she generally worked with medical doctors, who sent her their patients after conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation had failed.

While traditional wisdom is that alternative cancer treatments are more effective if implemented before a patient undergoes chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – all of which weaken the body and decimate the immune system – Budwig’s natural treatment, which focused on dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids, had a 95% remission rate, even in terminal cases.

2. Gerson Therapy

Over sixty years ago, Max Gerson was a pioneer for the natural health movement, working at first to cure migraines and tuberculosis through diet and exercise, and eventually coming to strongly believe that these factors could have huge benefits for cancer patients as well.

He believed that rising cancer rates could be linked to toxins in our food and environments – a belief which is now confirmed by many medical studies.

B17, Nitroloside

Biochemist Ernst T. Krebs, Jr believes that the key to cancer prevention is a diet high in nitrilosides, similar to the traditional diets of many Indigenous peoples of North America.

As cancer is much rarer in those who maintain their traditional Indigenous diet than in those who opt to eat a more modern diet, Krebs believes, like many, that a diet insufficient in vitamin B17 is the smoking gun when it comes to those who develop cancer and other diseases.

Bottom Line

All three of these practitioners strongly believe in their work, and all three linked the risk of cancer back to diet.

While it’s true that our modern diets – as well as our environments – contain chemicals and other compounds that are historically new to our bodies and carry great risk of developing certain diseases, there are steps we can take to reduce our own risk of developing cancer.

Eating organic foods is one of the most commonly known steps, but did you know it’s also important to avoid contact with plastics as well.

Many people would do anything to avoid becoming a cancer statistic – if you’re one of those people, at least looking into holistic medicine should be something you do for yourself.

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