7 Lifestyle Choices That Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

high blood pressure

3. Take Fish Oil Supplements


Lots of people avoid eating fish because of the taste, and the effect it can have on your breath, but if you suffer from hypertension it could be well worth the adverse effects. There’s always the option of popping a few capsules of fish oil a day, according to experts.

According to one 2002 review, fish oil supplements may be especially effective in reducing blood pressure for older patients(6), so if you’re in or beyond middle-age, definitely consider eating more seafood or buying supplements.


4. Get Plenty Of Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle can be the worst thing for your blood pressure levels, and exercise should be the number one thing on your list to look into changing (after diet, that is) when you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure.

“An increase in aerobic physical activity should be considered an important component of lifestyle modification for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure,” one analysis concludes(7).


If you’re wondering how much exercise is enough, it’s probably less than you think – check out the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, a project of the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion(8).

5. Eat Plenty Of Fresh Produce

There are lots of foods which contain nutrients that can help manage your blood pressure. Blueberries are particularly good for hypertension(9), as are broccoli, apples, and onions(10).


Maintaining a healthy and diverse diet is key to managing your blood pressure.