When This Man Decided to Donate His Blood, He Never Expected to Save 2.4 MILLION Lives… Wow!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

james harrison blood donation

An Australian man named James Harrison has been quietly saving lives for decades.

When he was 14 he had emergency chest surgery which required 13 litres of blood for him to survive. He got the blood and lived.

After that day, he made a commitment to himself that when he turned eighteen he would return the favour and donate blood himself.


And donate blood is what he has been doing, pretty much non-stop, since then.

The first time he donated, doctors discovered that Harrison’s blood held a rare antibody so unique that it actually contained a cure for rhesus disease. Rhesus disease causes brain damage or death in newborns.

man saves millions of babies

Upon this surprising discovery, researchers insured Harrison’s life for a million dollars. His blood is used to make injections which can fight rhesus disease.

Harrison, now 77, donates blood every two weeks and has been doing so for almost sixty years. His combined donations have saved roughly 2.4 million babies.

man saves millions of babies


Truly, James Harrison is an unsung hero for our times.


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