Israeli Hospital Claims May Have Found Cure for COVID-19

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

The Israeli Ichilov Hospital released a statement Thursday, February 4th saying that they may have discovered a cure for Covid-19.

According to the Tel Aviv medical experts, 30 coronavirus patients were administered a drug called EXO-CD24 once a day and 29 of them had full recoveries by the fifth day. The 30th patient also recovered but the treatment took a few more days.

The new medication was developed by Professor Nadir Arber from the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center at the Ichilov Hospital. Arber developed and tested the medicine consensually on patients in moderate and serious conditions from the Covid-19 virus and claims that EXO-CD24 has had a 95% success rate so far.


Professor Arber also added that the medicine is very inexpensive and easy to manufacture. 

What now?

30 tests are a very small number and barely qualifies as anything more than “anecdotal evidence.” The trials also weren’t really controlled in any scientific way – these are just the statistics of the patients at Icholov Hospital who tried the innovative treatment.

However, the results are promising. Professor Arber and his team at Ichilov have appealed to the Health Ministry’s Helsinki Committee to extend the drug’s trial to more patients for a more comprehensive research. 

What’s more, the Jerusalem Hadassah Medical Center also announced the results of a similar treatment they’ve been working on. The researchers administered a new drug called Allocetra to 21 patients with Covid-19 and 19 of them ended up recovering within 6 days.

Allocetra was developed by Professor Dror Mevorach, the Director of Research Center for Rheumatology and Internal Medicine at Hadassah.

Allocetra’s effect focused on dealing with the overactive immune systems of Covid-19 patients, which causes the secretion of cytokines and causes the infamous cytokine storm effect that’s been responsible for so many deaths.


More details in both EXO-CD24 and Allocetra are expected to come out soon.