He Was Born Without Eyes And Crippled From Birth…But That Didn’t Stop Him From Living His Dreams!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

patrick hughes

Patrick Hughes was born without eyes, blind and crippled from birth. His parents, naturally, were devastated.

But when he was just two, the toddler sat down at the piano and it became immediately clear that little Patrick was a musical prodigy, able to pick out notes heard only once and play them back.

At three-year-old, he was taking requests. His dad realized that although he would never play baseball with his son, he’d play music with him instead.


And so began a special relationship between father and son where Patrick, who was equipped with artificial eyes and a wheel chair, played music, encouraged by the love of his parents.

All the while his father worked the nightshift, feeling blessed and awed by the tremendous courage of his son.

Truly, father and son are each other’s heroes.

Patrick Henry Hughes

Now, as a young man, Patrick attends university where with the aid of his dad he’s in the marching band, loved by the fans and an inspiration to all who know him.

This is truly an inspirational story!