People who often experience hand numbness need to watch out for these 4 problems

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Many people experience hand numbness in their lives. This can be caused by maintaining a certain posture for a long time, such as lying on the arm during lunch break or after waking up. It is normal for blood not to circulate easily in these situations. But regular hand numbness may also be a sign of a disease, so we should be alert. This is especially true for older people, because frequent hand numbness could be a sign of atherosclerosis.

As we get older, our blood circulation slows down and our blood vessels become harder. This can lead to atherosclerosis, which causes the body to feel dizzy and numb. If we have poor lifestyle habits, these problems can get worse. So it’s important not to ignore any symptoms.

People who often experience hand numbness should watch out for these 4 problems.


1. Brain infarction

The elderly are more likely to experience brain infarction. This happens when the body’s organs change and degenerate as people get older. The blood flow slows down, which can lead to age-related diseases and metabolic diseases.

Before a person has a brain infarction, they may experience numbness and pain in their hands and feet. They may also have an irregular heartbeat. So we should pay attention to this and not ignore it.

We can prevent brain infarction by eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and developing good habits.

2. Carpal tunnel syndrome

People are getting more and more stressed out. This is because many people have to work overtime and stay up late. Some people need to sit at the computer desk to type, and cramps will occur after a long time.

Some people who like to play video games also experience numb wrist symptoms. These symptoms can often include hand numbness. If the symptoms persist even after you apply anti-inflammatory cream, seek medical attention as soon as possible because you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Diabetes

People with diabetes have high blood sugar levels, which can lead to numbness in the hands and other symptoms. This happens because the increase in blood sugar damages the nerves, which can then affect different organs in the body.


Besides numbness in the hands, there is also a sensation of pins and needles or a feeling of many ants crawling inside the hands. These symptoms show that the blood sugar in the body is elevated and measures need to be taken to lower it.

4. Stroke

A stroke occurs when the blood vessels in the brain become blocked and blood and oxygen cannot be supplied to the brain. This can cause problems with the brain’s function.

The major symptoms of a stroke are numbness in the hands, dizziness, and severe pain in the feet when walking. It is important to be alert to these signs so you can get help if needed.

The brain controls your life activities. When a stroke occurs, there will be symptoms of numbness in the hands, along with dizziness and severe pain in the feet when walking, so it is important to be alert to the occurrence of stroke in life.

If you feel numbness in your hands, here are two “moves” you can do.

1. Rub the “eight evil” (baxie) pressure points

The “eight evil” (baxie) pressure points are on the back of the hand between the 1 – 5th finger intersection, 8 points on left and right hands. (see diagram)

When massaging the baxie points, keep the five fingers open, cross your hands, and rub your fingers together. If the hand numbness is more serious, then the massage should be strengthened to stimulate the acupuncture points.


2. Arm combing

Combing the arm is to use one hand to stroke the other arm from top to bottom from bottom to top. This can assist the blood in the arm between the push to restore blood circulation and improve the symptoms of hand numbness.

This technique is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. “Comb your arm” from the location of the pulse in the hand, to the end of the shoulder armpit, back and forth about 10 times a day, to reduce hand numbness.

Many people experience numbness in the hands. We should look at our own symptoms and circumstances to figure out what is causing the numbness. We should also take care to protect our hands in daily life, and if necessary, to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not take a chance on these insignificant symptoms; they may hide something more serious.