7 Foods That Supercharge Your Immune System

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

boost immune system

2. Garlic

garlic benefits

Garlic is widely known for its immune system boosting properties.


“Garlic (Allium sativum) holds a unique position in history and was recognized for its therapeutic potential,” write the authors of one study(3).

“Garlic could be useful in preventing the suppression of immune response associated with increased risk of malignancy as it stimulated the proliferation of lymphocytes, macrophage phagocytosis, stimulates the released of interleukin-2, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma, and enhances natural killer cells.”

In other words, if something is compromising your immune system, garlic could be a way of helping to get it back up to par.


While garlic supplements are widely available, nothing really beats fresh garlic for a therapeutic dose.

3. Oats And Barley

oats and barley

Oats and barley, which contain oat beta-glucan (ObetaG), have been proven to improve immune function in animals(4); in one 2004 study, soluble oat fiber combined with moderate exercise was found to increase immune function and decrease risk of infection, especially respiratory infection, in mice(5).

Chock full of fiber, oats and barley also help keep your digestive system running smoothly, which improves your overall health.