Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice After Treatment With Cannabis Oil

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

elderly man cancer

Cancer has become epidemic and its incidence is on the rise. The medical establishment will tell you that survival rates have increased with the use of current pharmaceuticals. That’s only partially true and must be very carefully scrutinized for the causes and effects that result from conventional cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. There is a wealth of evidence that chemotherapy and radiation cause much more harm than good.

Chemotherapy targets any rapidly-producing cells and attacks, not discriminating normal versus abnormal cells. In the process of killing healthy cells, the chemicals disturb every metabolic process—that’s why people get so sick when undergoing this kind of “therapy”.

This causes additional illness and severely suppresses normal immune system function, making one vulnerable to sickness and other disease. The same is true of radiation: cancer cells are the focus but they are (of course) surrounded by healthy ones.


It makes perfect sense that these treatments are therefore not the best strategy for getting to the root of the disease to eradicate it.

The root of any problem should be the target for remedy. In order to get there, you have to determine the cause and change it. Chemotherapy and radiation don’t do that. Only your body knows which cells are healthy and which are not—it’s how we are built: cells reproduce exact replicas so normal function and life itself can continue. Decaying or abnormal cells are destroyed by the immune system every second of every day.

Common sense again: support the immune system and you prevent and alleviate disease. Take in substances that your body understands and can use to do so.