Carbs at Night – Natural Fat Loss Killer or Myth?

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

There are many things that fitness experts and nutritionists think they know for sure. You hear them everywhere.


You have to eat 8 meals per day, consume massive amounts of protein to make muscle gains, fast when you do cardio, only lift heavy weights, or tone with high reps—these are all the things we hear day in and day out from self-proclaimed internet “experts.”

Most of the things you hear about on the internet—the fads, the special diets, and the fitness advice—are just bits and pieces of pseudoscience.


They are all hype with no research to back them. The problem is that in the fitness and nutrition industry, research often falls behind what people are actually doing and saying.

It can sometimes take years to figure out if the latest diet or exercise fad is actually effective  or if it is just another one of those fake-science rants by an armchair “expert.”

We wanted to look at something that people are talking a lot about: eating carbs at night. For a while now, many people have been suggesting that eating too many carbs at night completely runs your body’s chances of burning fat. Let’s take a look at the science behind this theory.


What Research is Pushing this Theory?

It makes sense that eating carbs at night is a bad idea for fat loss. People think that while you sleep you use less energy.

That is the primary factor pushing the “no carbs at night” theory—your metabolism slows while you sleep.

It’s just simple logic; If you aren’t moving, you aren’t burning calories. Simple, right?