3 Friends Built A Garden. It’s On A Roof, But That’s Not Even The Best Part.

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

build garden on roof

Usually, grocery shopping in a city isn’t an experience where you have a lot of local choices. Do you want the tomatoes from 90 miles away or 9,000? But here’s a cool company that’s trying to change that.

They’re growing their produce on unused rooftop space in Brooklyn and only distributing it within the city limits. (If ever the phrase “That’s so Brooklyn” applied to anything, it would be now, to this.)
garden roof
Here are the top coolest things about these rooftop-growing pioneers:

  • They grow their produce on unused rooftop space. HOW COOL IS THAT?
  • The farthest customer they distribute to is approximately a mere 7 miles away. Shipping emissions? Not a concern.
  • They package and distribute the produce the same day it’s harvested. (Or at least pretty darn close to that.) So fresh!

They use insects for pest management. Some of their employees are bees! BEES! That’s the best way to go organic that I’ve ever heard of.


And as an added bonus, it looks like their farms are definitely not the worst place to spend a day.

Still don’t believe they’re as awesome as they sound? Check them out for yourself:

Gotham Greens Rooftop Farming | Built in Brooklyn

source: Upworthy