This Mouthwatering Egg Recipe is Perfect for Lazy Mornings

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

bell pepper egg in a hole

They say breakfast, your first meal of the day, is the most important one. But it’s also the most often skipped. Because let’s face it, not everyone’s a morning person. Sometimes you just want a breakfast that’s not only tasty, easy to prepare but also healthy. This is THAT breakfast. It’s called an egg-in-a-hole.

There’s a quite a few ways to go about making it. You can be creative and make changes to it anytime but the standard recipe is the following:

Healthy Bell Pepper Egg-in-a-hole Recipe


  • eggs (how many you want)
  • 1/3 inch wide rings cut from a fresh bell pepper (choose whichever color you want)
  • coconut oil, organic butter or olive oil (use the fat of your choice)
  • pink salt and black pepper (for seasoning)


1. It all starts with this.

bell pepper egg in a hole

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2. Slice up your pepper & remove the seeds.

bell pepper egg in a hole

3. Begin by warming your cast iron skillet up to medium low while melting the fat of your choice. After the fat melts, put your bell pepper rings flat in the pan. Allow to cook for a few minutes, then flip.

bell pepper egg in a hole

4. Crack your egg inside. Sprinkle seasonings on top of the egg. Some whites may leak from under the bottom of your rings. Not to worry. Just press down on your rings with a spatula to minimize spread and help the edges “set”.

bell pepper egg in a hole

5. After 2 minutes, your white should look like this. It’s time to flip! If you’re really bad at flipping things, you can cover your cast iron skillet with a lid or a plate to trap the heat in and allow the egg yolk to firm up.

bell pepper egg in a hole

That’s it! Enjoy!

The possibilities are endless. Have fun. Get creative. And be sure to post your ideas in the comments below so you can inspire others!