Beetroot Has An Unbelievable Power: It Can Cure These 12 Diseases

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

beets health benefits

beets health benefitsThe color of a vegetable says a lot about its nutritional value. Pigments are where a great many of the beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants live.


Beetroots come in deep crimson and gold with lovely variations.

Edible and delicious hot or cold, beets have been eaten for millennia for their versatility and positive effects on the body.


12 Amazing Beets Health Benefits

Here are just a few reasons to eat more beets.

1.  Fights Cancer

Betanin, an antioxidant found in beets, has been shown to prevent the formation of cancerous tumors. In fact, the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin contains synthetic betanin. Get this powerful compound straight from the source by munching on some bortsch or pickled beets (1).


2. Heals Constipation

The dietary fiber content in beets is significant. Fiber is important to move food through the digestive system, cleaning the surfaces of your bowels and absorbing toxins on its way out.

3. Detoxifies Liver


Beet phytonutrients betaine, betalain, and pectin all support proper liver function. Betaine prevents fats from accumulating in the liver to prevent fatty liver disease and other diseases and damage. On the other hand, betalain is a potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant while pectin is a fiber, which aids in digestion.