5 Diet Mistakes That Make You Age Faster

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Women Anti Aging

Aging is of course inevitable, but it turns out that we may have more control over how gracefully we age than previously thought. Unfortunately, though, most people make quite a number of mistakes when it comes to their diet, which can cause premature aging, both internally and externally. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance and fight off many of the health effects that come with age, avoid the following dietary trends!

1. Your Diet Is Too Acidic

A diet high in foods that tilt your body’s pH towards the acidic side of the spectrum doesn’t necessarily have to be unhealthy – healthy foods like berries, fish, many types of nuts, and squashes are all acid-heavy. However, a diet that isn’t alkaline enough can destroy your body’s stores of calcium and potassium. Running low on these minerals can deplete the strength of bones and teeth, leading to osteoporosis and the dental issues we associate with our grandparents.

2. Your Meat Consumption Is Less Than Optimal

Eating meat can be a healthy part of a balanced, anti-aging diet, if you rely on lean, unprocessed cuts rich in Omega-3s. If, on the other hand, your diet includes a lot of red meat and processed selections like bacon, hot dogs, and pepperoni, you’re not doing yourself a favor when it comes to aging. The saturated fats, and the nitrates in processed meats, elevate your body’s baseline level of inflammation, which plays a role in worsening everything from chronic diseases to the health of your skin.


3. You Totally Cut Out Fat

“Fat” is often seen as a dirty word when it comes to health, but in reality, human bodies require some healthy fats to function properly. If you totally eradicate fat from your diet, you risk brittle nails, dry skin, and thinning hair – none of which add to a fresh and youthful appearance! Your levels of hydration can also suffer if your fat intake is too low, even if you consume enough water.

4. You Pick Coffee Over Tea

Coffee may have plenty of health benefits, ranging from decreasing your tendency to munch between meals to protecting your brain against dementia, but relying on coffee all the time for your caffeine boost means you’re not getting the high-quality antioxidants found in tea. Without the EGCG and theaflavins found in tea, you’re at a higher risk of developing age-betraying issues ranging from wrinkles to skin cancer.

5. You Rely On Fad Dieting to Lose Weight

For many individuals, trimming a few extra pounds can help them look younger and feel healthier. If, however, you rely on fad diets that are hard to stick to and cause your weight to cycle rapidly through highs and lows, you may be making things worse when it comes to aging. In addition to having a negative effect on your metabolism, which can make it hard to lose weight long term, “yo-yo” dieting causes your skin to lose its elasticity, robbing you of its youthful tone and resulting in wrinkles, stretch marks, and sagging areas.


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