Adequate Magnesium Intake May Help Reduce Risk of Developing Diabetes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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Dr. Ka He, lead author of the study, also discovered that when magnesium intake rose in a participant, that the levels of several markers of inflammation decreased also.


Also, resistance rose to the effects of the key blood sugar regulating hormone insulin, with the participants with higher blood levels of magnesium showing a lower degree of insulin resistance.

Dr. Ka He made the following comments on the study according to Reuters Health;


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“Increasing magnesium intake may be important for improving insulin sensitivity, reducing systemic inflammation, and decreasing diabetes risk.”

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Although the overall results showed very small amounts of magnesium made all the difference to a person’s risk of developing diabetes, this demonstrates the importance of not just paying close attention to vitamin intake, a person should always be addressing the vital minerals they are getting in their diet too.

As clearly not enough of just one could be holding you back from achieving optimal amazing health.