7 Reasons to Stop Eating This Highly Processed Seafood

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

surimi crab stick

4. Carmine

This is how they make it look red like crab on the outside. Carmine is the product of crushed cochineal beetles which are red and some food companies have gotten into trouble for using it because there are allergy and dietary issues to using insects in food—not to mention the yuck factor. Still better than Red 2, 3, or 40, however.


5. Other Ingredients

As for the other items that seem benign, sorbitol is a form of sugar (it’s not specified on the label whether it’s naturally-occurring or synthetic—it could be either and is in addition to the Sugar also on the label); carrageenan is a seaweed extract that—while a natural product—causes inflammation and gastrointestinal problems; hydrolyzed soy is MSG, the mate of disodium inosinate and guanylate.

“Hydrolysis is a method of extraction that boils the soy protein in a vat of sulfuric acid.  Manufacturers mix the resulting acidic substance with caustic soda to neutralize the acid content.  While hydrolyzed soy protein contains most of the nutrients and health benefits of soy, when you consume this type of soy you also consume the unhealthy chemical byproducts of the manufacturing process…such as monosodium glutamate that can lead to health problems. According to “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,” the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] requires food manufacturers to list MSG as an ingredient when used in the preparation of packaged food.  However, FDA regulations do not require the same labeling when a food contains hydrolyzed soy protein, despite the fact that this type of soy contains large quantities of MSG.  In fact, some food manufacturers use hydrolyzed soy protein as a flavor enhancer to work around the FDA’s MSG labeling requirement.”


6. High Sodium Content

While low in fat, surimi has a high sodium content—just two “leg” pieces contain 20 percent of your recommended total daily sodium intake.

7. Not Your Best Protein Source

Since surimi is basically fish, it is a source of protein, however, by weight lentils have over 3 times more protein, cheese and tuna 5 times more. Considering everything, nutrition isn’t really why you’re eating this product.

How Surimi (Fake Crab Stick) Is Made

Surimi Plant by PF MAX COMPANY